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What Are Instagram Pods?

Instagram originally starting as a virtual photograph album. It kept rolling out new features over time, such as video uploading, chatting with followers, and live streaming to keep their users engaged. And with this platform growing at such a rate, it has become obvious that Instagram became a competitive ground for users and even brands to get even more views and engagement on their posts. Instagram’s algorithms try to block inorganic engagement, especially on Instagram pods. So, what are Instagram pods, and what makes them so special?

How do Instagram Pods Work?

Instagram Pods are private Instagram groups created by users to increase the engagement rates of their group members. It is a kind of mechanism that helps users fight against big brands and their huge engagement rates via advertising. It is a more strategic way of notifying your followers about your new post.

These private groups generally differing in size are Instagram users on a chatting application named Telegram. The reason that users prefer Telegram over WhatsApp is that they are using WhatsApp for more personal communication. They want to avoid high rates of notifications from it.

Group members follow each other on Instagram, join Telegram engagement groups, and like posts and leave comments on them according to the given instructions. The point of this is to increase the engagement rate of their posts and make them appear on the “Explore” page. Explore page makes the posts accessible from all around the world and increases their engagement.

Rules of Instagram Pods

What Are the Rules of Instagram Pods?

Users in Instagram Pods determine the hours that get the most interaction and expect the members of the group to interact quickly during those hours. Thanks to this, the growth of their posts increases rapidly without the need to advertise on Instagram. 

Instagram Pods are usually divided into different groups according to their respective themes. Some of the examples are such as beauty, nutrition, photography, and vice versa. Also, the purpose of the groups, such as leaving a like to the post, leaving comments, or saving the post can differ from group to group.

In order to achieve engagement in groups and posts:

  • Instagram Pods are very active engagement groups, and they expect an immediate response. After a post is shared, they expect the group members the act rapidly before the high engagement hours are over.
  • Even when the group is not operating in the high engagement hours, their demands cannot be postponed.
  • Users’ comments must contain at least 4 to 5 words and one emoji. It is because the users’ one-word comments or emojis such as “awesome, amazing” are not counted as interaction by Instagram’s algorithm.
  • The comments must be related to the post; otherwise, Instagram’s auto-recognize algorithm will not count it as interaction.
  • Group members must tag users in the comment in order to prevent the perception of spam by adding a personal touch to the comment.
  • Only engaging with the posts that are shared within the group will not produce rich engagement. Each and every user must also create content that will increase interaction within the group at regular intervals.
  • The post shared within the group should be interacted with quickly within 1 hour because this increases the post’s visibility on Instagram.
How do Instagram Pods Work

Concluding Instagram Pods

In this article, we have explained to you what Instagram Pods are. They are basically private groups that are aiming to increase each members’ engagement rate. We have explained how Instagram Pods work and what rules they include in order to join one. Do not forget that you need to be an active Instagram user. You must be ready to follow the instructions you receive from group managers every hour. 

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Finally, if you are just seeking to expand your brand via the interaction you are going to get from Instagram Pods, remember that they may not provide the most organic statistics you are aiming to see. However, if you can join a smaller Instagram Pod group, even though you would receive less engagement than a larger group, you will get more organic comments and likes related to your product. We hope that this article has answered all of your questions about Instagram Pods.

If you want to learn more about Instagram, please read out other articles about it. You may like to read about a more detailed article about Telegram, or what Instagram Analytics is.

Frequently Asked Questions About

According to the reports, Facebook recently removed ten groups that used such tactics to interact and increase engagement on their platform and encouraged users to join Instagram Pods groups in Telegram. Since all these tactics mean ‘tricking’ in Instagram’s algorithm, this violates Instagram’s terms of use, and there are risks such as account suspension and vice versa. It is important to be careful not to get banned when using pods.

It’s dubious whether or not pods are a beneficial long-term strategy. If you are aiming purely for high engagement rates and interaction, then yes. They are beneficial for the rich engagement you are after. But, if you are a brand that is trying to expand its product engagement rate via these groups, your statistics may not show real results due to the nature of how Instagram Pods work.

Many Instagram users are interacting with each other via Instagram Pods. “But how effective are they?” you may ask. The thing is, this is completely depending on the size of the group. There are groups ranging from 15-20 people to 100-500 people. As it is obvious, the bigger group equals more engagement. You can also join multiple Instagram Pods to further increase the interaction you get.

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    My friends used to tell me that Instagram Pods were only a fad. Only time will show that. Great article though.