Instagram Parents Guide and Tips for Using Instagram

Instagram Parents Guide and Tips for Using Instagram

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Most of the parents are concerned when their kids want to get engaged into social networking today we are going to talk about Instagram parents guide.

They can also add anything to some regular photo and make it a creative piece of work your kids do. It allows them to make their life a little more sparkles and awesome.

Parents should talk to their children about comments they make on the Instagram and to teach them to be respectful and also to teach them as much as they can how to deal with haters.

One very important thing for parents to know about their kid’s safety is that they should make their accounts Private so they can limit their audience. Also, make sure location tap is turned off.

If they manage their accounts the right way, your kids can enjoy using Instagram without you worry too much about it.

From my personal experience, it is not easy to convince them, but if you can become their follower, it is the best way to stay up to date with everything going on in their lives.

Minimum age for someone to have an Instagram account is 13, so if your kid that is younger then this asks you to allow him or her open an account, you should think twice. This is much more important  than on the age of the user. If Instagram is notified that the user is under 13 years old and they can verify this, they will delete the underage account.

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Teens love Instagram because it is simple to use, it can be creative and they can socialize using their phones by posting, liking and commenting in real time. They can also make their life look more interesting or more trendy.

There is nothing really dangerous in posting, commenting, liking…Still, parents should be conscious and they have to explain to their kids that there things that they can to prevent any unpleasant event that can accrue without any intention. Kids have to know that they can hurt their feelings if they post inappropriate photos or make rude or bullying comments to someone’s account. Kids have to know that sometimes it is best just to ignore someone’s rude comment, then to go into discussion with them and make the problem even deeper.

Thay has to be aware that their future reputation depends on their behaviour in real life, but also on Instagram or other social media. Peoples role is to teach kids to manage this crisis.

Sometimes users create fake accounts just to humiliate or bully someone. It often happens among teenagers. Instagram has community guidelines and your kid can report if someone created their fake account.

With the modern technologies move on very fast and parents can not always be up to date with all these changes, but they have to be up to date with their kid’s lives. Kids should feel comfortable enough to talk to their parents about any problem they have, even the one on the social network.

You do not have to talk to your kids only about the problems, but just stay involve in their everyday life. Sometimes you can find out so many things about your kid’s life just by making small talk with them.

Keep your eyes and mind opened and just talk to your kids. You can not imagine how many good things can come out of that.

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Instagram Parents Guide and Tips for Using Instagram
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