Instagram or Facebook For Ads

Instagram or Facebook For Ads

Instagram or Facebook

Instagram or Facebook for advertising? Many people think about this, because even though both sites are owned by the same people; there are big differences between them. Especially for businesses. You may be thinking about starting an advertising campaign, and not sure on which website to choose. Then this article is just for you! We will talk about both website’s advert dynamics in this article. We will compare and contrast, we will be seeing the benefits and statistics of each site. Hopefully, these insights will help you make your mind up, then your ads will bring you a lot of revenue and a happy ending. Let’s begin.

Advantages of Instagram


Instagram has over 800 million active users on a monthly basis, and over 500 million daily active users. A good majority of these users, 80% to be more precise, are not from the US. Which means the platform has an amazing global reach. Instagram has high numbers, but also a lot of advertisers. There are more than 1 million advertisers on Instagram.

2)Engaged Users

Instagram is getting famous for its’ engaged users. On an average day, users share over 95 million posts and videos. These posts get about 4.2 billion likes.

Instagram or Facebook

Locowise reported in March 2016 that the engagement rate on Instagram was about 0.84% of all audiences as of February. This was actually when it declined 11.58% from January. But Instagram still had the highest engagement rate, still has it, and probably still going to have it.

In 2015, there was a study made on how social media users engage with top brands. Top 50 of them to be clear. They analyzed 2400 posts and 11.8 million user interactions for this. The goal was to collect useful data from them, which they did. From the analysis of this data, they found out user interactions with brands was the highest on Instagram, compared to every other social network.

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Instagram or Facebook

When you look at this picture, I’d say results are very very clear.

3)Traffic engagement

It’s not only high engagement rates on Instagram, but there’s also high engaged website visitors. According to a study that’s made on which websites bring in the most engaged traffic, Instagram won once again. Instagram or Facebook

When we look at this data, it shows us that an Instagram user spends an average of 192 seconds per visit, while Facebook has 105 and interestingly, has 157. The seconds Instagram has is over 3 minutes. This is a long time, higher than many other marketing or advertising channels. Visitors from Instagram stay 45% longer than visitors from Facebook. So when it’s Instagram or Facebook, the answer for that considering traffic engagement is, it’s Instagram.


Choice of your social network platform should be very dependant on your target demographic. We talked about this before in another article, especially in this one. Be sure to check it out, because demographics play a much bigger role than you think. You need to be on platforms your target demographic are on, otherwise, it just will not work.

Instagram or Facebook

Instagram especially is popular among young adults that vary from 18 to 34. After seeing this data, the answer to Instagram or Facebook becomes clear for younger audiences. Instagram wins easily. If your target demographic is young adults, Instagram is a good choice.

Advantages of Facebook

Let’s look at Facebook now. Data and numbers will help us understand Facebook, and we will be able to compare.


Instagram or Facebook

Facebook is the number one social media platform, period. Simple as that. Facebook has over 2.2 billion monthly active users. If you just want your ads or marketing to be visible, Facebook is the choice. If it’s just about being out there, Facebook takes the cake. Easily.

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2)Engaged Users

Facebook doesn’t perform as good as Instagram when it comes to engagement rate. Facebook comes the second after Instagram on this, but Instagram wins this. Still, though. Facebook has the second highest number of users interacting with brands.

3)How Ads Perform

Adverts on Facebook perform very well. Facebook desktop ads have an 8x higher click-through rate than usual web ads, while Facebook mobile ads have a 9x higher click-through rate. These rates are amazing, makes you wonder why would someone deal with usual advertisements at this point. Facebook had ad revenue of over $6 billion, numbers went higher but we’re telling this so that you can have an idea.


Facebook attract adult users of all ages. Most popular in the 18-29 age group, 82% of this group have and use Facebook. 79% of users between the 30-49 age are using Facebook. The real demographic Facebook is different than Instagram is older people. 64% of users between the 50-65 age are also on Facebook. This data shows us Facebook is a better place to reach all ages and has an advantage over Instagram on older demographics.

Comparison: Instagram or Facebook

We looked at both sites and their data. Now its time to compare. Instagram or Facebook. Let’s find out.

1)Instagram to Reach Younger People

This one’s clear. Instagram is booming when it’s for younger people. It appeals to young ones much more than any other social media platform. With some creativity and a bit of mimicking usual ideas(we millennials are sassy and sarcastic), you can get incredible success on Instagram, regarding marketing.

2)Facebook to get more visibility

When it’s about how many people you can reach, Facebook wins. It has a much larger user base than Instagram, and people from all age groups accept Facebook, while the older generation doesn’t particularly like or spend time on Instagram. If you’re targeting for all age groups, or don’t have a specific age group, Facebook is the choice for success.

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3)Instagram for Engaged Users

When it’s about engagement, Instagram greatly outperforms Facebook. On average likes, sometimes Instagram can even get 100x likes Facebook gets. This is an incredible statistic when it’s about engagement, Instagram wins this Instagram or Facebook rivalry.

4)Facebook for Sharing Information

Instagram only lets you have one link in your bio and you cannot share the link to your blog/website on your photos through captions. You can create a sponsored post, this sends users to a specific page. But that’s about it.

On Facebook, you have the freedom to share unlimited links to any site or address you want. No limits(unless it’s NSFW of course) So, if you just want to share information and/or distribute it; then Facebook is a better option.


Instagram or Facebook. It depends on what you’re looking for, really. Benefits of both platforms differ from each other and are subjective. Different features, different audiences. But when we see the data, Instagram seems to be a better platform for businesses. Even though Facebook has more users; the engagement rate on Instagram is out of this world. No wonder why Instagram business is doing so well.

In this article, we gave you information on both platforms. We asked the question of Instagram or Facebook for advertising, marketing and doing well in business. We did compare and contrast. I hope this was of use to you. If you liked it, leave a like, comment, do anything really. We hope to see you again in another article.

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