How To Use Instagram Messenger Ad Feature ?

How To Use Instagram Messenger Ad Feature ?

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Instagram and Facebook partnership provides to users more productive features. In this week Instagram released a GIF patch. Couple of  days ago in last week we downloaded new update who has “last seen” feature. Now we going to tell Instagram Messenger Ad feature.


Instagram is a social media giant app and growing every day. Social media followers knows, last year in 2017 Instagram reached seven hundred million users. With Instagram, non celebrities became a celebrity and low profile businesses became a giant businesses. That welfare area helps to people for earning money in e commerce market.

Instagram most powerful social media app in the world. That power comes from people’s themselves. Instagram users shopping, sharing and thinking with Instagram. That means people are enjoy spending more time in Instagram. Spending more time means spending more money. And that makes people addicted to Instagram.

How Instagram Ads Makes Money From E Commerce ?

Instagram messenger ad feature released in summer. The feature was about Instagram ad buttons. As you know Instagram ad buttons allow followers to get more nolice about Instagram commerces. Commerce accounts mostly try ads for getting attention from potential customers. This marketing circle need more software support by external sources. Getting Instagram followers and likes comes from here.


Instagram messenger button helps potential buyers to contact with seller. Seller always needs to make more money than yesterday because businesses lives like that. Instagram knows or researchs “what an e commerce needs on Instagram?”. When Instagram answered this question with perfect software, everybody can be happy.

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With ads and e commerces Instagram makes profit and, with Instagram’s well thinking softwares e commerces makes profit. We can call this “win win” situation.

Contact With Customers Via Instagram Messenger Button

Messenger button allows to contact with customers easily and helps e commerces. Of cource this feature can not provide more followers but if you need more followers and do not have to enougly money you can try getting Instagram followers from here.


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How To Use Instagram Messenger Ad Feature ?
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