Fix Instagram Login Issues: Be Error-Free (Solved)

Fix Instagram Login Issues: Be Error-Free (Solved)

Instagram login issues might be annoying when you need it most in a rush, especially if you are running a business account or in charge of a company’s social media accounts.

There are several reasons to cause the issues, and we’re going to explain all of them one by one. However, no worries, unless your account has been hacked, all of the problems are really easy to solve.

So what are those Instagram login issues might be? Most of the issues are password related, yet there are other issues as well. Sometimes it is just Instagram servers when they down.

What Are the Instagram Login Issues?

According to the Instagram Help Page, there are three groups of Instagram login issues:

Password-Related Issues

Password related login issues are easy to solve if you remember your e-mail for the login process.

Instagram login issues
  1. The first step is going to the login screen and click the “Forgot Password” button.
  2. Then enter your e-mail address for a password reset link. You’ll get a login link to your e-mail soon.

Furthermore, there is something also worth to mention. If you forget your e-mail address or you can’t access it there is no way to retrieve your account anymore.

In that case, Instagram mentions one way, and that way is Facebook integration. If you linked the account on a Facebook Page, then there is no password required.

Disabled Accounts

If you disabled the account the reason why you get the error is obvious. You’ll need to follow the Instagram community guidelines to maintain the existence of an account.

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If the account in question doesn’t fit the guidelines, it will start to give errors soon-enough.

In that case, you have only one option. Try to log in to the account and follow the instructions.

Instagram Server Issues

Server Issues

Instagram is perfect. Really. But like all of the web services, it relies on servers which can be down sometimes. This is the rarest case, but it might happen.

The only thing you can do is wait. That’s literally all.

Also, it is worthwhile to know that Instagram’s servers are located at Facebook Headquarters. Fun fact.

Application Related Issues

Sometimes Instagram may give you errors like “sorry there was a problem with your request,” and it is most likely caused by a server issue. However, you always consider the application factor about this error.

  1. Solving the application based errors go to the applications menu on Android.
  2. Find Instagram and tap “Clear data.”
  3. After doing that, you’ll need to re-login your account.

Those are common login issues on Instagram. I hope that content solves your problem and be free to comment on your issue to log in on Instagram.

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