Instagram Locksmith Accounts and Inspiring Photos

Instagram Locksmith Accounts and Inspiring Photos

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As a locksmith it is important to always get your name out locally. The best way to keep people in your known is by having an Instagram account. You can put it on your business card. On the side of your truck. When people see it they will put it into their phones so they can have it when they get locked out of their car. It happens much more then you would think.

A locksmith can send out pictures of cars that they have just opened and in what areas they are in. They can also put pictures of deals and services that they can perform for customers. It is a great free business advertisement. And it comes across as a benefit for them to have your information. If times get slow you can give a deal for house key changes. It could be called the divorce service or kick the boy friend out deal. Just a small jock. But people are always needing to change out their keys or have their fob pulled out of their car.

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