Instagram Location Feature Not Working Properly

Instagram Location Feature Not Working Properly

All social media applications can have minor problems at various times. If these problems are not Server-sourced, the solution is simple. If Instagram Location Feature Not Working, you need to change location settings and you must allow the app to use your settings.

You can correct these problems with a few settings changes you can make on your mobile device or application.

Enter your mobile device and check your current settings in the “Settings – Location” section. And also make sure that the Instagram application is in the list of allowed applications.

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What Is Instagram Location Feature?

One of the features most used by Instagram fans is the “Instagram Location Feature” option.

Most shared content, by adding a location, indicate where the content was created. Some users do check-in especially at popular places, to make location notifications.

If the location feature does not work, the first thing you need to check is your mobile device.

You can see this feature not only on Instagram but also in all other applications. It provides interactive interaction.

Instagram Location Feature Not Working

Instagram Location Problem

You wanted to report the location to your friends on Instagram, but what is that? Did you notice that it didn’t work?

There may be several reasons for Instagram Location Feature not working. Is the address of your place up to date? Is it registered on the city map? Are you the only one here experiencing this problem?

By knowing the answer to these questions, you will find a faster solution to fix the problem.

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If your device’s location setting is turned on and you are still experiencing the same problem, then we recommend that you try the following steps below.

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How to Fix It?

Do not panic!

We will tell you how to fix Instagram Location Feature Problem. Go to Settings on your device and choose Location. Check it if its turn on or not.

If not, you need to try different methods for this.

  • Check your allowed apps section on your location settings
  • Be sure that the Instagram app is on this list. If not add it!
  • Check your internet connection. If you use wifi, try to use your 3G connection. Sometimes it may depend on the internet connection.
  • Restart your mobile device
  • Delete the Instagram app and reinstall it again. This may work!

When you try at least 1-2 of these methods, you will see that the problem was fixed already.

Instagram Location Feature Not Working

Still Having a Problem?

I tried all the methods, but I am still having the same problem!

Well, calm down! From now on, all you have to do is contact Instagram customer service.

Report that you have tried all of the above processes but the problem is still continuing.

If they can’t find a solution to the Instagram Location Feature problem, a final process will be done: To change your mobile device!

Try running your Instagram account on a different mobile device. If the location feature is running on the new device, then the problem is on your mobile device and you need to take it to a technical service.

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  1. What if the problem happens on EVERY mobile device? I’ve done everything listed (several times in fact), used Android and Apple devices, and “No results found” is the result no matter what. I haven’t been able to tag locations for weeks now.

  2. Hi Kristy, I have exactly the same problem. The location of my restaurant CITRON in Tokyo has disappeared a week ago. Since then, no customer nor myself (being the manager of my page) cant “check in” at CITRON on Facebook, nor Instagram. Both SNS ignore my messages (so who should I contact??) and I am getting really stressed as some “new” locations are appearing when the main one is gone. Can you guys please help? Anyone I should contact at Facebook (which seems to be the parent company managing locations)?

    1. Are you using ads manager? Is it possible that you did something wrong when you trying to do the “add new store” into your facebook ads manager. (Or maybe someone did if you hiring anyone else do the social work for you)

  3. It’s been weeks since my location feature on story is not working at all. Already have uninstalled and reinstalled, then rebooted my phone, but nothing is working at all. Already checked the permission on my phone, but nada.

  4. Location is appearing and disappearing on instagram story from past 3 weeks, I uninstalled and reinstalled,checked location settings ,reboot the phone.. Everything I did the problem is still there.. Please help me with this

  5. Same thing as well. our workplace location got merged into another property’s location, when their guests tag their property, it appears in our location story and whatever place that we tagged on our ig photos, it’s all wiped out and keeps disappearing. Facebook or ig support are not helping as well. we created another location and merged them into one page but once merged, the location tag will be gone. we searched for our property location on Facebook and when the result comes up, it shows our display picture but the page name would be another property’s name.

  6. Mine to. It use to work now when I try to add a location to my story I click the location, add it then it goes to the pic n disappears. Annoying. I’ve tried all their suggestions. Even the “new phone”. It’s their app.

    1. this has been happening to my instastories for MONTHS!!! the only thing I haven’t tried is logging into my account from an I Phone and adding a story from it. I have complained several times and reported the bug countless times. no response and no change. SO FRUSTRATING!
      It works fine on Facebook stories just not on IG.
      any help other than these pointers that has worked is very welcome!

  7. Please don’t blame the mobile device!!! If all the apps work in a cellphone except the instagram, that means there is a problem in instagram app. So try to find out the solution in app. Everytime I upload the post it takes the location while posting. But if I see the same post after some weeks or months, I could notice that there is no location!!!! Please don’t do partiality atleast in social networks. Treat evryone equally instagram!!!!

  8. Hi all, I encountered the issue after connecting a FB business profile which kept giving me an error.
    As soon as I unlinked the account In my insta settings it works again!
    Its in linked accounts. Make sure there is no errors and that worked for me.
    Hope this helps!

  9. Hey I’m having problem with location on instragram already 3 days. I’ve tried everything and it didn’t work. My phone is pretty nee so I don’t think it’s the problem. Is anyone having same problem? Can u pls advise me something?
    Many thanks