Instagram Live Isn’t Working, Why? (Quick Fix – 2021)

Instagram Live Isn’t Working, Why? (Quick Fix – 2021)

Sometimes, we see that some users asking the “Instagram Live isn’t working” question. We will offer you a few solution suggestions for this annoying problem.

Instagram Live is one of the innovations offered by Instagram; thanks to the “Instagram Live” feature, Instagram users started to broadcast live from their accounts.

After the release of this feature, an increase in the number of Instagram users was observed. In-app interaction and the number of people using Instagram Live has increased.

What Is Instagram Live?

  • Instagram Live is a feature that allows users to broadcast live for other members who are following them.
  • There is no limit or restriction to use this feature and the number of people watching live TV.
  • Thousands of people can watch and write a comment on your live broadcast at the same time.
  • You can also reply to these comments. It is one of the most fun features of Instagram and is used by many people.
Instagram Live isn't working

Why Isn’t Instagram Live Working?

As with any plug-in, the Instagram Live application sometimes has problems showing up. Users who are experiencing this issue ask, “Instagram Live isn’t working.”

There are some reasons and solutions to this. If it is not a problem caused by Instagram servers lagging, you can solve it simply.

If you have problems with the server, you may need to contact the available Instagram technical support team.

Suppose this problem occurs, then you cannot make live broadcasts and cannot use this feature. Alternatively, while you’re on a live stream, the broadcast can be interrupted, and you can’t run it again.

Instagram Live isn't working

What to Do If Live Problems Occurs

You can fix Instagram Live problems by some simple solution methods.

This error is not caused by the user. It is based on the mobile device settings you are using.

To solve this, you may need to change a few settings on your device. If the solution recommendations we offer below do not work, you can use Instagram from a different mobile device and log in to your account.

Instagram Live isn't working

FAQs About Instagram Live

How does Instagram live work?

You can start a live video to engage with your followers in real-time with Instagram Live for up to an hour. 

How long can Instagram live streams be?

You can steam a live broadcast and connect with your friends for up to one hour. When the live broadcast has ended, it disappears unless you share it on IGTV.

Can you watch Instagram live afterward?

Thanks to the replay feature, you can choose to share your live videos, and the viewers can re-watch them for the next 24 hours.

Can Instagram live hear you?

The person sharing the live video can’t hear you. Although they can see that you’ve joined, your comments, likes, and shares of it.

Can you watch Instagram live on a laptop?

You can view and watch Instagram live on your computer, just the same way you do on your mobile phone.

Solutions & Conclusion

When you want to broadcast live from your Instagram account, you have seen that you cannot use this feature. We explained the possible reasons above.

Now it’s time to find a solution to this problem!

  • First of all, what you need to do is to close and restart the Instagram application. This is the easiest and most practical method.
  • When you don’t get results, check to see if your application is up to date. Otherwise, update it and open it again.
  • If you are using multiple Instagram accounts, try using Instagram Live from your other accounts. If you don’t get results from any of these, delete and reinstall the Instagram application.
  • And finally, you can try to clear the cookies and restart the application.

If, after all these, the problem persists, you should contact the Instagram technical support team.

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      1. If you’re blocked, it is possibly temporary. You’ll have to wait until Instagram lets you go live again. When they do, try not to repeat the actions that got you blocked.

        1. How do I resolve the problem after finishing an Instagram live video I get the message: “rights to content may belong to someone else” and cannot save the video? I am not using music. TIA

  1. Well if I could log in to instagram I could fix
    But I also think my last update of iOS 13 as some problems too but then I say if that was the cause then none of my apps would work right

  2. Hi sirs
    When I wanted to go live today I couold not and I recieve a message that says you can not go live and the problem will expire on ……

  3. Every time i get on another user’s live session, my image goes all black but you can still hear me. I have logged in my account in other devices and problem still happens. Any suggestions to solve this?


    1. Hello, this may be a result of using the wrong camera. Is there a chance that you are using the back camera on the live session? Try to flip it to the front one.

  4. Hi, I ran an Instargram Live session today, shared with another person but although I clicked end and then save, I cannot find my video. The only error message I see is in a red bar at the foot of a black screen that reads: “Rights to content may belong to someone else.”
    Please can you help?

  5. All of a sudden when I go live on Instagram there’s bad feedback it’s sounds like a loud buzzing noise in the background I’ve tried it on different Devices and I am still having the same problem can anyone help ?