Instagram Keeps Logging Me Out, Why? (Solution)

Instagram Keeps Logging Me Out, Why? (Solution)

We often encounter “Instagram Keeps logging Me Out, Why?” question. We will try to answer the question. This error can be caused by Instagram or usage mistakes. But it is often related to Instagram cookies.

One of the most common Instagram problems is the login problem. Sometimes we see various error messages when logging into our account.

After logging into the account, logging out of the account automatically is one of the problems that the users have difficulty finding solutions to.

Instagram Logging Problems

Most of the time, we worry when we have problems with logging into Instagram. We consider the possibility of our account being compromised by others and panic.

This sometimes happens when we upload pictures or videos. When we load content, we log out, and the process does not complete.

Instagram logging problems have a very simple and easy solution. But because most users don’t know that, they think you’re having a very serious problem.

Instagram Keeps logging Me Out

Solving Instagram Logging Problems for Android

If you are having Instagram Android logging problems, you must first clear the cookies.

In the Android operating system, we will explain in detail how to clear a program’s cookies. Especially the steps you need to do for Instagram are:

  • Go to Settings > Apps
  • Find Instagram here
  • Tap on Storage and Clear Cache

That’s all! If you are still having problems after clearing cookies, we recommend trying other methods we offer below.

Instagram Keeps logging Me Out

Solving Instagram Logging Problems for iOS

For Instagram iOS logging problems, the first thing to do is to clear cookies. On all mobile devices using iOS, you can try and do the following.

  • Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage
  • Find the Instagram app and tap on it.
  • Tap on the Offload App and clear all cookies. Then restart the app.

This operation does not delete the application and does not remove your data.

It only cleans the cookies and ensures that the application works properly. You must log in again.

Other Solutions For Login Error

In the case of an Instagram logging problem, the solution is simple. Delete and clean the device’s cookies and restart the Instagram application.

Above we explained how to do this on Android and iOS devices. If this does not work, the other options are:

  • Reset the modem and wait for a while and reconnect to the internet,
  • Delete the Instagram application as a last resort and download it again.

This last step is one of the most effective solutions which will work. 

Instagram Login Error FAQs

Instagram keeps crashing, what should I do?

Check all updates for your mobile app and operating system. If your operating system and Instagram app are up-to-date, try to uninstall & reinstall the Instagram app.

Can I clear my Instagram cache?

You can clear your app cache on both iOS and Android. For iOS, go to Settings, Security, and Clear Search History, for Android, Settings, Security, Search History and Clear All.

Will Instagram close down?

No official news or evidence from Instagram or Facebook tells that Instagram is going to shut down any time soon.

Why is my Instagram crashing when I try to post a picture?

Having no available space on your mobile device storage can cause this error. So if your Instagram constantly crashes when you try to upload a post, try to clean up some open space and retry; it should be fixed.

Why is my Instagram so slow?

Again, too much data on your mobile device can cause Instagram to run slow, glitch, freeze, stop completely, or crash, but aside that, slow or inconsistent internet connection or corrupt caches can cause Instagram to slow down.

To Conclude Instagram Login Error

If none of the solution suggestions we offer here is useless, you can contact Instagram customer service.

But we are sure you will solve the problem with these recommendations. It can cause some problems if you log in to your Instagram account from multiple mobile devices simultaneously.

When you have any login problem, you should log out from the other devices and try it again.

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