Instagram Keeps Crashing When I Open It (Solved)

Instagram Keeps Crashing When I Open It (Solved)

If you experience the “Instagram keeps crashing when I open it” problem and complain about it, we’ll give you a few solution methods to fix it. This can happen not only for the Instagram application but also for all the applications you use on your mobile device.

This problem is usually caused by the application or the version of the operating system of the mobile device you are using.

It can also occur from the device’s storage. In this article, we will examine all possible problems and solutions.

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Why Instagram Might Crash?

When you open the Instagram application or want to upload a photo or video, you may experience an Instagram crashing problem.

This is not surprising. If you experience such a situation, there are procedures you need to do.

  • First, check to see if the application is up to date. If an update is required, connect to the application market, check the app status and update it.
  • Probably, the problem will be solved when you update the application. But if the problem still does not resolve, check out the other options listed below.

One of the common situations among Instagram problems is “Instagram is crashing when I open it” problem.

  • Close the application, and then reopen it after a while. There may be a problem with your mobile device.
  • If you are experiencing this problem only on Instagram, try deleting the application and reinstalling it.
  • Don’t worry, your data will not be deleted. Only the application is deleted.
  • If you do not want to experience such problems, we advise you to keep your mobile device and applications up to date.

Instagram Crashes: Android & iOS

You should know that Instagram crashes on Android & iOS is likely to occur on both operating systems.

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You may experience this problem no matter which operating system you use. The important thing is that Instagram is the latest version of the application and especially the operating system. 

Even if Instagram is up to date, if your operating system is using an older version and it is not up to date, you may still experience this problem. It is essential that both are up to date.

Instagram keeps Crashing when I open it

Solutions for Instagram Crashes

Well, we understood why the Instagram crashing problem was caused. But what is Instagram crashing solution?

In fact, all you have to do is check if the application is up to date. Once you’ve done this, delete the Instagram app and install it again if the problem still persists.

You should also make sure that the version of the mobile device and the Instagram application do not conflict. Make sure that the storage of the device is not full.

If the application update does not have enough storage, you may experience this problem.

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So briefly; follow the Instagram application and your mobile device updates, check the storage space, and if none works, delete and reinstall the application.

If you still experience crashes when using Instagram, stop trying to log in to your account. Instagram Help is a good place to ask for direct assistance.

In this way, you can get further knowledge about the subjects and take a hard stance against common problems that might occur during logins.

Web Site:

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    1. This is exactly what is happening to me. I have tried all the fixes listed above and I go back into the app and it crashes again. The main thing that I thought the problem could be is the lack of memory as mine was almost full. I have cleared some space now. But it hasn’t changed a thing. What makes things worse is I can’t find any way of reporting the problem to instagram directly. Can anyone help? Don’t know what to do.

      1. Same issue. None of the fixes work. VERY frustrating!!! Have updated everything, managed memory space, deleted app and reinstalled turning off my Iphone6 in between both attempts. did not work. HELP!!

  1. I tried every way but my instagram is not opening when I open it a white screen appears and Then it closes I have been facing this problem since yesterday and I tried every way to fix it please help me with this problem

  2. Hello,
    please if you can help me!
    My Instagram application keeps crashing. When I open it.. It shuts down.
    and I tried all the above solutions and nothing works. What can I do???

  3. My new account keeps shutting insta down after i try to look at likes. On all my devices. Ive restarted and reinstalled the app on both devices and nothing helped.

  4. I didn’t have any problems with the app until I decided to update it last night. It shows up to a white screen, and then immediately kicks me out and says “Instagram has stopped working.” I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app multiple times, restarted my phone twice, cleared the data and cache as a last resort a few times, even uninstalling, rebooting, and then installing. Nothing seems to be working and it seems to have sprouted from the update.

  5. I am also facing the same problem after the update. I’ve tried every method that is listed above. When I checked it on app store there were many people who complained about the same issue as they also couldn’t open their instagram aapplication after the update. There isn’t any issue with our devices but an issue with the new update. I think there are some compatibility issues.

  6. So I had this exact problem and yes did ALL the obvious steps. Uninstalling/reinstalling, clearing cache, almost did a factory reset. What ended up working was uninstalling the google play store app and using the samsung one to download it and it worked.

    1. How did this actually work omg!! For weeks I’ve been trying to get my app to work. I was able to get in but when I wanted to post an insta story it kept crashing the app. This worked Thankyouuu so much!!

  7. My Instagram app jeeps crashing when I open it. I have tried all the fixes listed above and I go back into the app and it crashes again. What makes things worse is I can’t find any way of reporting the problem to instagram directly. Can anyone help? Don’t know what to do.

  8. What could be the possible way to fixed my Instagram application? I’ve done all the instructions and it still keeps on crashing. I still have a lot of memory, I’m using iPhone 6 on where can i report this problem?!!!

  9. Mine has been crashing since 10/17. Everything is up to date. It seems to crash more on one profile but nothing stays open more than a minute. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled twice. It works a bit after I reinstall but then crashes after the feed has loaded.

  10. I’ve been experiencing the same issue on my iPhone 6 since Saturday. My ios software and the instagram app are both up to date. I’ve cleared more than enough space and deleted/reinstalled the app several times. Nothing is working.

  11. Same problem did all of the possible solutions several times but it keeps crashing whenever I use the story feature. Weird is that whenever I log into another acc it doesn’t happen?! I’m very frustrated it definitely happened with the update.

  12. This is the ultimate Solution:
    Uninstall Instagram and Facebook (I know sound silly but remember the FB/Insta integration)
    Install Instagram and log in
    Install Fb and log in

    Thats it

  13. I can’t even go on to Instagram without it crashing. as soon as I go on to it, it does it. I have tried everything so may times and I’m very upset about it.

  14. When i come back after using instagram mobile gets switched off everytime .. This was started after updating the instagram only.. What to do i cant able to use instagram now

  15. I have tried everything except for a factory reset because I really don’t want to do that. I have done all the shutting down and redownloading possible, I have over 180GB worth of memory left, it now will occasionally open and let me use it for 30 seconds max before freezing and crashing