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Instagram Help Center 

Instagram Help Center 

Nowadays, Instagram has become a huge part of our lives, without a doubt. Almost everyone uses Instagram due to several different reasons. As the number of Instagram users keeps going up, it also offers new features and updates frequently. These new features are especially beneficial for those who have business accounts. But what if we encounter a problem whilst using these new features? Instagram Help Center can be an essential platform to help you keep up with these new updates. Moreover, this highly essential platform aims to provide reliable answers to any user who encounters a problem on Instagram. Therefore, Instagram is always ready to help you out with this platform to provide comprehensive solutions. 

Let’s see the 16 popular questions and their answers about the recent features: 

business account

How to Set Up a Minimum Age for Your Instagram Account? 

On Instagram, you are free to set a minimum age for your content. Hence, visitors under that minimum age will not be able to see your content. You can even set a country-specific minimum age for different countries depending on their age limitations. Thanks to the instructions down below, you can do that very easily.  

On the web, Android, or iOS: 

  • Proceed to your profile and select located in the top right corner. 
  • Choose “Settings.” 
  • Choose either “Business” or “Creator,” depending on your choice of profile. 
  • Click on “Minimum Age” to set the age of your choice. 
share on Facebook

How to Boost Reels Shared on Facebook? 

Reels are probably the best feature for content creators and digital marketers. Therefore, Instagram gives us useful tips on boosting your reels on different platforms as well. For example, you can share your Reel both on Instagram and on Facebook at the same time. You can even see the organic metrics of your Reels on both platforms. Boosting your Reels is a very simple thing to do: 

If your account is already connected to your Facebook account: 

  • Create a Reel on Instagram. 
  • Before posting it on Instagram, click “Share on Facebook.” 
  • Then you will see the option of Boosting your Reel; click on “Boost Reel.” 

If your account is not connected to your Facebook account: 

  • Select “Recommend on Facebook” and make sure that the feature is On. 
  • Now you have two different options. You can choose On for all the reels you share or “This Reel only.” 
  • Share your reel. 
  • Finally, you will see the option of Boosting your Reel; click on “Boost Reel.” 

P.S.: Your Reels cannot be more than 60 seconds, and you cannot choose a licensed song for your Reels. 

bonus programs

What Are the Rules or Requirements of Reels Play Bonus Programs? 

Instagram offers us an invite-only program called Instagram Reels Play. Thus, content creators can make money on their Reels by earning Bonuses. Unfortunately, not all users are eligible for this program unless they meet the specific conditions.  

  • First, you must have a business account and meet the conditions of Instagram Creator Incentive Terms.  
  • If Instagram finds your account eligible, it will send you an invitation to a bonus program. However, this invitation and your eligibility may also expire.  
  • Reels Play has its own rules as well. For example, there are several different programs, and each may have different rules.  
  • But in general, you cannot earn Bonuses for misleading content. 

P.S: This feature is in only English and Korean; Instagram plans to add additional languages so as to support its international base. Until then, you cannot create content in multiple different languages as Instagram may not find it eligible to monetize.  

subscriptions meaning on Instagram

What Do Subscriptions Mean on Instagram? 

Instagram Subscriptions are another way to make money on your content. This new feature allows creators to post exclusive content for their paid subscribers only. Although this new feature is not yet available for content creators in Turkey, let’s get to know this brand-new feature anyway: 

  • Fulfill the requirements of Partner Monetization Policies. 
  • Meet the requirements of Content Monetization Policies and Instagram’s Community Standards as well. 
  • You have to have a business account with a minimum of 10,000 followers. Otherwise, you cannot benefit from this feature. Buy Instagram followers to make it happen easily! 
  • Live in the US and be 18 or older. 
  • Subscribers have to pay monthly fees; the pricing range may vary from $0.99 to $99.99. 

Why Am I Seeing My Feed Videos Becoming Reels on Instagram? 

As we know, Instagram offers several different video formats. Since July 2022, all video posts shorter than 15 minutes now turn into Reels automatically. Although this change may seem frustrating initially, it has come up with new tools to make creating process easier. For example, Instagram has introduced us to new Remix tools to help marketers boost their performance. What is more, if your Reels do not exceed the 90 seconds limit, Instagram will now promote them even more. Thus, anyone who uses Instagram can discover your Reels as long as you have a public profile.  

Instagram username

How Can You Find Your Instagram Username? 

Finding your or anyone’s username is one of the easiest processes on Instagram. You can find your username by following the simple instructions given down below: 

To find your Instagram username on iOS or Android: 

  • Open the app on your device. 
  • Select or click on your profile picture in the bottom right. 
  • You will end up on your profile page and see your username at the top. 
  • You can add punctuation marks and numbers to your username. 

To find your Instagram username on the web: 

  • Log in on 
  • Select your profile picture in the top right and click on “Profile.” 
  • You will end up on your profile page and see your username at the top. 
  • You can add punctuation marks and numbers to your username. 
Reels insights

What Information Can I See About My Reel on Instagram? 

As we mention above, Reels are probably the best feature for content creators and digital marketers. This is because Reels can also provide us with some critical insights into our performances. Hence, we can improve our performance accordingly. To view insights on your Instagram Reels:  

There are two different ways to view insights on your Reels: 

  • Proceed to the Reels tab on your profile. 
  • Choose the Reel of your choice to view its metrics. 
  • Click on “…” located on the lower side of the Reel. 
  • On the menu, select “Insights.” 

Or you can follow the other way: 

  • Choose “Learn more” about your Reel’s performance located above the “View Insights” icon. Through this icon: 
  • Proceed to the “Reels” tab on your profile. 
  • Choose the Reel of your choice to view its metrics. 
  • Above the caption of it, click “View Insights.” 
branded partnership

How Can You Approve a Branded Content Ad on Instagram Easily? 

Instagram allows its users to share Branded Content Ads as well. In fact, Branded Content Ads are called Partnership Ads. Thanks to post-level permissions, content creators can now give marketers permission to advertise an Instagram post as a partnership ad. To do this is a very easy process with a partnership ad code. First of all, make sure that your account meets the requirements of eligibility requirements for partnership ads. Then you can follow the instructions given down below: 

To give brand permission to an advertiser via partnership ad code: 

  • On Instagram, choose the post you want to promote as a partnership ad. 
  • Select “…” located in the top right corner. 
  • Select “Edit.” 
  • Click the “Add paid partnership” label located at the top. 
  • Find Generate partnership ad code and turn it on. Then turn on the Add paid partnership label if it is branded content. 
  • Choose the code to copy and paste it to your clipboard. 
  • Share the code with your advertisers. 
add payments

How to Check if Your Instagram Account Is Connected to a Meta Ad Account? 

If you have a business account, connecting it to your Facebook business account is recommended to boost your performance. Therefore, you can promote your content on both platforms to reach a broader audience. Here are the simple steps to follow on how to do this: 

To see if your Instagram account is connected to your Meta ad account: 

  • Select located in the top right corner of the profile. 
  • Click “Settings.” 
  • Choose “Payments.” 
  • Then select “Ad Payments.” 
  • In Your Account section, you will see a number or a name. 

If you see a number, it means that your Instagram is not connected to your Meta ad account. If you see a name, then it means your account is already to connected to your Meta ad account.  

book appointment on Instagram

How to Set Up an Appointment on Instagram? 

Although this feature may not be available to all Instagram users, you can book and manage your appointments on Instagram. First of all, make sure that you have a business account. Otherwise, you cannot benefit from this feature. Then you can follow the steps given down below: 

To set up an appointment: 

  • Go to the inbox of your business account and choose a message thread. 
  • Select the plus icon located at the bottom of the screen. 
  • Click on “Appointments.” 
  • Select a date for your appointment. 
  • Click “Schedule appointment.” 
  • Choose a Title and a Date and time for your appointment. 
  • Click on “Add” and add a customer’s contact details, or you can allow your customers to fill in their details after sharing the post. 
  • Choose “Schedule appointment,” located at the bottom. Then you can share the appointment. 
transaction history

How Can I See the Receipts of Instagram Ads? 

As a marketer, publishing ads on Instagram can be essential. You are free to choose how much you want to spend on Instagram ads. Overall, there are two different payment methods: Automatic payments and Manual payments. Therefore, you can always see how much you are billed for a particular ad, or you can add a different payment method. Both of them can be updated with the simple instructions down below: 

To see a receipt: 

  • Click on the profile, then select located in the top right corner. 
  • Select “Settings.” 
  • Choose “Business.” 
  • Click “Ad Payments.”
  • Click under “Transaction History.” 
  • Here you can see all the bills for your Instagram ads. 

To add a payment method: 

  • Go to your profile, then click “Menu” in the top right corner. 
  • Choose Settings. 
  • Select “Business.” 
  • Click “Payments.” 
  • Choose “Payment methods.” Here, you can add and change your payment method. 

How Can I Buy Badges, and How to Pay for Them? 

Thanks to Badges, you can show your support to your favorite content creators during their lives. If you buy a Badge during a live, a heart-shaped icon will show up right next to your username. Down below, you can see further information on how they work: 

  • Badges will show up right next to your username throughout that live video. 
  • Your hearts will be highlighted in the comment section. 
  • Your username will appear on a list, and the live video’s creator can see it for 90 days. 
  • Your question will be highlighted when you ask a question during that live. 
  • The creator of that live might pin your comments. 
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How to buy a Badge during a live: 

  • Click on the creator’s profile photo during a live. 
  • Underneath, select the “Badges icon”. 
  • Choose your badge by clicking on the amount. 
  • Add your comment. 
  • Finally, click “Send”. 

Do You Have to Update Your Instagram Account to Keep Insights? 

Although some personal accounts could access their insights in the past, it has become a feature for professional accounts only. Since October 26th, Instagram has been erasing the insights of those who do not have professional accounts. Thus, if you want to keep your insights, you have to switch to a professional account. A professional account has insights regarding your followers or how your content is performing overall. You can also advertise your content to reach a wider audience. Currently, there are two types of professional accounts. You can choose to have either a creator account or a professional account. Otherwise, you will not be able to see or keep your insights.  

find Reel on Instagram

How Do I Find Reels to Watch on Instagram? 

Reels have become an essential part of Instagram, and finding some Reels to watch is straightforward. Thanks to the instructions given down below, you can now discover Instagram’s Reels section. Check how does the Instagram algorithm work to understand why are you seeing certain videos.

To Find Reels to watch on your device: 

  • Select at the bottom. 
  • Scroll down to see even more reels. 
  • Also, you can just scroll through your Feed to watch some Reels of the creators you follow. 

Instagram also allows you to find Reels by their hashtags or audio. 

To find Reels that use a specific hashtag or audio: 

  • Select the hashtag or the name of the audio located at the bottom of the Reel.
  • By doing so, you will proceed to a page with other Reels using the same hashtag or the audio. 
boost post

How to Boost an Instagram Post Without a Meta Ad Account Connection? 

Instagram allows you to publish ads on Instagram without connecting to Meta. As a marketer, you will be able to manage and see the insights to check how they perform on Instagram. 

To boost your Instagram ads without Meta: 

  • Go to your profile. 
  • Click on the post you want to boost its performance. 
  • Select “Boost Post” under that post’s image, 
  • Complete the details of it by setting features like Goal, Audience, Budget, and Duration. 
  • Once you are done with completing these details. Select “Boost Post” below the Review. 
  • Finally, Instagram will check your ad to ensure it meets its ad policies. This process generally takes 60 minutes. 

What Are Reels Tips on Instagram Help Center? 

If you have a professional account, you can view some Reels tips and mini guidelines on how to create entertaining Reels. These tips can be highly beneficial as they give information on how to use Remixes, templates, voiceovers, and effects. As a result, you can boost your performance with these recommendations. 

To see these useful Reels tips: 

Reels tips on Instagram Help Center
  • Click on tips; “See Reels” tips located in the top right when you want to create a Reel. 
  • Swipe right to see more tips and choose one you want to learn more about. 
  • Select “Create Reel,” showing up at the bottom, to create a new reel with these tips. 
  • You may also view Reels tips located at the top of your profile. 
  • Also, you can see the tips as a notification located at the top of Activity.  

Don’t forget to check the Instagram Help page if you want to learn more about it!


In conclusion, Instagram will not disappear from our lives anytime soon. In fact, it has become one of the vital platforms for digital marketers and content creators. As its popularity keeps growing even more, Instagram created a detailed platform to help its users to learn about its newest features. Instagram Help Center values user experience and aims to provide reliable, comprehensive answers to its users on any topic. As a result, you can achieve maximum efficiency from your Instagram account while using the newest features professionally. We hope these 16 answers on recent features can help you improve your overall performance on Instagram. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Instagram Help Center is a platform created by Instagram to provide information and give answers to help its users.

On a web browser, you can type to access Instagram Help Center. On Instagram, tap Menu in the top right corner of your profile page. Select Help, then choose Help Center.

Yes, Instagram Help Center supports multiple languages. Sadly, there are several pages and information that only some countries have access to. This is because not every feature of Instagram is available in all countries.

Unfortunately, there are some features that only some countries have access to.
Sometimes Instagram does not launch its newest features in every country simultaneously. Therefore, some users may have to wait for a while until Instagram announces new features available in their regions.

Both yes and no. There are several pages and information that only some countries have access to. This is because not every feature of Instagram is available in all countries.

Aside from Instagram Help Center, you can dial 1-650-543-4800 or contact them via their email address [email protected].

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