Instagram Hashtags Not Working Error & Solution (2019)

Instagram Hashtags Not Working Error & Solution (2019)

Instagram is one of the most effective platforms that use hashtags. When Instagram hashtags not working, users get affected by it a lot.

A hashtag is among the most trendy symbols not only on Instagram but also on all social media networks. Especially with the increasing use of hashtags in recent years, social media users had the opportunity to reach a wider audience.

However, Instagram hashtags not working error is very easy to fix. This problem is typically caused by a user error. It may be due to improper or illegal hashtag use.

How to Use Hashtag on Instagram?

There are some guidelines for the use of hashtags on Instagram.

If you are curious about the answer to how to use a hashtag on Instagram question, you should pay attention to some of the following criteria.

  • You should not use hashtags belonging to prohibited words.
  • You should not abuse the number of hashtags on your post, don’t overkill.
  • Avoid spammy hashtags! If you use hashtags that are irrelevant to the content you add, you’ll be branded as spam and this will damage your account.

Pros of Instagram Hashtags

There are many pros of Instagram hashtags.

  • It allows content you share to reach thousands of people at the same time.
  • Increases interaction on content and allows more people to view. So it gets more likes.
  • When Hashtags is used in the right place and time, it provides spectacular feedbacks.
  • Instagram Hashtags is a tool that allows you to do free advertising.

However, if use them incorrectly, they will have very dangerous consequences for your account.

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Why Is Instagram Hashtags Not Working?

If you see that Instagram hashtags not working, keep in mind that this problem is quite easy to solve as the solution depends entirely on your usage of the platform.

If you receive this error message, it may be caused by the following reasons:

  • You have used a banned hashtag.
  • You have exceeded the limit of hashtag usage.
  • The content you added and the hashtag doesn’t match with one.

As you can see, all these reasons are caused by the user. It is not a technical problem caused by the Instagram application.

Solutions of Instagram Hashtags Problems

In fact, Instagram hashtags not working solution is pretty easy.

If you have not made any user errors mentioned above, you have already fixed the problem automatically.

So you don’t even need to do anything extra for this. Only use the hashtags in accordance with the rules.

Thus, you will have no problem with the use of hashtags. The problems with using hashtags are definitely not related to the settings of the Instagram application. Therefore, do not change the settings.

Another solution is that you don’t always use the same hashtags. Because Instagram recognizes it as spam and doesn’t allow it.

If you’re having a hashtag problem on Instagram, you can try deleting the image or video you just added and try adding it again by trying different hashtags. This is also another solution method.

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  1. My hashtags still aren’t working for every image I upload. Whether I add 10 hashtags or 2. I have not used a banned hashtag or exceeded the amount. Any ideas how I can resolve it? I have contacted insta a couple of times with no reply.

  2. I need help I created a hashtag and it’s like Instagram is limiting the amount of post being put on the gallery.
    It’s a weekly ads tag so people only use it on Sundays.
    Some people’s posts will show up in the gallery and some people and those some people are always shadowban and themselves.
    My post were showing up but now it’s not.
    What should i do to fix this?

  3. doc johnny lloydde

    didnt work.. yall are insane..
    and instagram wont tell you why it didnt work or how to fix a hashtag issue..
    dr johnny

  4. I’ve been having the most trouble with my Instagram, I’m not receding as much interaction as I was before. I’ve been following the guidelines and everything, but nothing is working. I’m a music artist trying to attract genuine fans and not bots. I need hashtags for the boost but it’s not working and it’s driving me crazy.

  5. Hey, did anyone experience not working hashtags, when adding pictures from pc? It worked for me until the last big changes in June, now hashtags work only on mobile. Any solutions?

  6. I am seeing this same issue as well that previous people are complaining about. this has just recently started to happen to me

  7. What’s going on with Instagram? I have a fitness page and was getting a lot of following and love, and as of recent it’s like crickets!!’

  8. F*ck Instagram. Seriously tired of their sh*t. I’m getting a message that my hashtag was reported by the community, yet I’ve never posted anything against the rules. They auto ban you without ever looking into the complaint. Not only is my hashtag not working but my photos dont appear in any hashtags I use. Ridiculous!!!!

    1. Same thing happening to me. I’ve done nothing wrong but some jealous b flagged my account I guess and I have no infringement but Instagram has kept my hashtags from working, utter bs

    2. I’m having the same problem. It’s been 3 weeks. All the photos i have ever posted were deleted off the hashtag galleries. My hashtag was reported but i didn’t do anything wrong.

  9. Recent photos I posted in which I’m wearing a bikini don’t show up on the hashtag pages I chose. On those hashtags I see photos that are way more risqué than my generic Sears catalogue poses. All of my other posts make it on the hashtags, so it seems it’s just a problem with the bikini pics (which my 70 year old mum labeled as “cute”). I’m not using any banned hashtags, and my five hashtags are pertinent. Why won’t my seriously inoffensive (and cute!) bikini photos post to hashtags??? I’ve reported the problem, but Instagram won’t respond.

  10. What is going on with instagram. I used to take 15+ likes from hashtags and now I hardly take 1-2. My account is not shadowbanned. Is it a problem with the algorithm?

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