Instagram Explore Page and How to Use It (2020)

Instagram Explore Page and How to Use It (2020)

Instagram Explore Page! It is exactly like an old saying, what goes around comes around! Or rather like the returning boomerang. The unique path of the boomerang comes about because the boomerang is basically two wings held together as one.

Instagram Explore Page doesn’t represent real life! It is just a mere mirror to show what you may like. Instagram uses an algorithm that constantly changes the page. So you may never found a post that you like the next day unless you saved it.

Instagram Explore Page And How To Use It

What Is Explore Page on Instagram

Instagram Explores point is helping people to know each other based on what they like. The algorithm favors posts based on interest, recency, and your relationship with others.

Since your posts on your feed are based on your interests, the results of your search are also. A bit like speed dating—a quick fling to see if you like what you see!

The Explore algorithm monitors how you interact with the social platform. Also generates content that specifically syncs with how you use the app.

No difference indeed between Instagram Explore Page and spot on prime-time TV or plastering a billboard right outside the home of your target customer. How Important Instagram Explore Page Has Become! It makes people meet face-to-face with their prospects.

Showing up on the “Explore” page, creating a chain-reaction of brand reach, the Instagram Explore page is truly a marvel of real-time content curation. Indeed it is a phenomenal resource and it is different for every user.

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Instagram’s Explore Page Algorithm

The current algorithm takes into account all your activities. The ‘Explore’ page on Instagram is a significant monopoly on Instagram. Especially with the new insights features that tell you how many people in the explore feed have seen your post.

The idea of the explore feed is pushing relevant content to users that aren’t following your account. The more your content is seen by accounts not following you the more chances you have to grow consistently and make the Instagram algorithm work for you.

How the key content is selected for the Explore Tab by Instagram The Explore Page categorizes content in a very unique way.

According to Instagram, photos and videos shown on the Explore tab are tailored to how you use the app. So, the content on this tab for somebody else’s account might look a lot different from the content when you’re signed into your own account.

How to Use Instagram’s Explore Tab?

Not only your Explore Page consists of content similar to what you engage with. But it also consists of content that people you follow engage with.

This interconnection of interests allows for a spider web network of content to form between followers. This gives your content the ability to have greater reach and exposure, dependent on the accounts that you follow or engage with.

How Instagram does it – A series of multiple complex steps taken – Using Artificial Intelligence and big data collection, Instagram has created an algorithm for their Explore Page.

The Instagram Explore Page Algorithm is a series of steps for creating a unique explore feed for every account. Using a multitude of factors the algorithm chooses content that will best fit your interests.

One of the best methods of reaching the explore page and tricking the algorithm is receiving engagement on your post within the first 45 min.

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The burst of engagement notifies Instagram that the post is of quality content, causing Instagram to push your content to more users.

Get on Instagram Explore Page

Get on Instagram Explore Page

Here are a few tips for Coming Up on Instagram Explore Page;

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  • Your Account is Old Enough. This is not a huge factor in determining photo popularity but Instagram probably looks at it to some extent. If your account is relatively new, it won’t likely be as eligible for featuring on the popular page compared to an older account. It is the same even if it has tons of likes and followers. It just doesn’t happen overnight in such a short amount of time, and Instagram is aware of it.
  • Create Captivating  Viral Content. Finding content that is already going viral is a great start to grab some of the tail end hype to boost your engagement. Also providing quality content goes a long way. People want to see high-quality images with captions that are meaningful.
  • Reposting Viral Content. Leveraging viral content to manipulate the explore page algorithm is Great! Instagram is constantly looking for viral content to promote. The reason content goes viral is Instagrammers are viewing/engaging with the content. Promoting viral content is the key! If your content goes viral, Instagram will take notice to your account and it will allow your account to gain more reach and exposure,
  • Building Following of Active Users. Competing for popularity highly depends on gaining followers. The key factor is engagement here. Inactive accounts wouldn’t have too much effect. Only the active users would make difference.
  • Encouraging Others to Interact With You. It is about telling your followers to “double-tap” the photo or asking them a question in the caption. Also, there is another good technique and it is to tell followers to “tag a friend” in the comments to let them know about something. Receiving more likes and comments may improve your chances of being displayed in the Explore tab by the followers of the users who are interacting with your content.

Instagram’s Hashtag Content

Instagram is pushing hashtag content! They want to start seeing more communities grow around hashtags. This will be easier to gain exposure/reach by using specific hashtags. Make sure you are taking advantage of Hashtags.

  • Pinpointing The Time and Day When You’re Posting – Instagram only looks at what’s recently trending, so the faster you gain likes and comments on a photo, the higher chance you have of getting there. Nobody is to expect high engagement while posting in the middle of the night or early in the morning. If you really want to maximize your chances of your photo being seen, you should try posting at times of the day when you think people might be on their phones—like at lunchtime, after school or work and early on in the evenings.
  • Post Selfies, Use Filters and Take Advantage of Popular Photo/Video Trends – As mentioned previously, the most important thing you can do is regularly post photos that people will genuinely love to look at. If you feel kind of lost, take a few days to study what comes up on the Explore tab to get an idea. You’ll often see lots of selfies, nature photos and even Instagram videos posted there.

Unlocking the Instagram Explore Page Algorithm in 2018 and 2019 – All the parameters and factors we have detailed about are some of the major key points used to rank your content on the Explore Page. Being able to analyze actions will help you go ahead of the game.

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