How much Instagram Effects on Big Corporations

How can big corporations use Instagram? Well there are probably two ways that they can use Instagram in order to help promote their business and sales.

One way is to keep reminding their customers about their product. The nice thing is that with Instagram they don’t need to put out a large campaign. They can remind people about parts of their services that they get with the products that they sell. These are just short snaps to lead back to more information if they want to. Most customers do not remember everything about a product. Also they can use it to update customers and things that they need to do with the product. Reminder service announcements. Specials that a customer can get to support the product better or just to make sure they feel that they were supported during the end of a products life cycle.

Another way for them to use Instagram is communication with their employees. They can remind employees of getting their flu shot. Watching out when they are parking or warning about keeping their ids on. They probably can’t be used to get smiles from people or be used to remind employees of duties. That is what managers are for. But it can be used to promote connection between the whole corporations. There probably is no way of making every employee feel a connection to a large work site. But if they can make employees feel a connection during the time that they are working for the company that is helpful.

How much Instagram Effects on Big Corporations
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