How Instagram Effect Self-esteem Positively

How Instagram Effect Self-esteem Positively

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More time we spend on Instagram comparing ourselves to other people more chance we get depressed. Photos that we see on  Instagram usually are photoshopped and who knows how many times person took the same photo until they thought it is good enough to be posted. Although we know everyone puts only the best photos on Instagram and expects the best reaction, we are not feeling well if we get some comment we do not like, or if we do not get enough likes.

Users can look on our Instagram profile as an extension of their own, real life identity. You tend to increase your popularity by making more and more perfect photos, have a best-looking profile, and finally get more and more likes, views and positive comments. We just need to be better than someone, to have more views, to have more people make positive comments, just to feel good, to make our self-esteem burst.

All this reminded me of something that happened many years ago. My grandmother demanded from a mason to make our barn one brick higher. At first, we did not understand this silly demand  and did not know what has gone into her, but then we realized she wanted it to be just a bit taller than our neighbors.

Why do we do this? Because it brings our self-esteem to a higher level if we have more people admire us, if we have more great comments. Unfortunately, we equal self-worth with self-esteem. This makes it very easy for us to get lost in cyberspace and to start to live our life depending on likes, comments, replies. As long as they grow in our favor, our self-esteem is feeling safe.

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Instagram Effect Self-esteem

Very often we try to make our everyday life look perfect on photos we post and in order to do that we do not enjoy doing nice little things we used to enjoy in like learning something, spending quality time with our family and while we enjoy that, we could take a snapshot, but it would not look perfect. Often, we are not aware of doing this thing, but it is always in our mind.

Life is not perfect, but it is your life and you enjoy so much in doing so many things. Let people see this side and I am sure you will get just as many likes as you do when you try too hard.

Everyone like to live a perfect life, look perfect, have perfect family… But, we are who we are. We can work on having a better life we can work on looking better by taking more care of our body, eating healthier, doing exercises… We can not change our family but we can always work on our family relationships that will result with more functional family.

This life improvement should make our self-esteem go sky high, and not the superficial ones.

So, when you think about this more thorough, it is not about Instagram. It is about people using it. If we do not like this, maybe we can make a change. Start with you and your followers and make the dice role.

Make real values get their real value again , make more comments on a good book and raise the self-esteem of the author, make a good comment on something scientist did and share this thought with your friends. Make the scientist have more followers than some superficial lifestyle.




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