Instagram Direct Coming For Use

Instagram Direct Coming For Use

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How to Use Instagram Direct?

Instagram which is one of the most popular websites with its more than 500 million users is coming with its new feature called Direct. Users will be able to send messages via Instagram Direct. Especially those who have many followers on Instagram will have many contacts on Direct. If you also want to have many followers you can buy Instagram followers.

Direct Message Can be Deactivated

It will be possible to send messages via Direct and there won’t be direct message button in the app. So, Instagram will make one more step when compared to its rival Snapchat.

Instagram Direct will be applied in some countries including Turkey, Italy, Portugal, and Uruguay. Direct has been released on Android but hasn’t been released on ios yet. It is expected to be released on ios soon.

What Is the Purpose of Instagram Direct?

One of the purposes of releasing the new app is to help business accounts on their business so that they make their business easier. Although Instagram has nearly 1 billion users around the world, the number of business accounts is just about 25 million. Considering the fact that business accounts have been very important for interacting with customers on Instagram, the communication will be easier with customers with the new messaging app. So, the main purpose of releasing Direct app may be to improve business on Instagram so that revenues of business accounts may increase and there may be more business accounts.

But of course, there are many people who use Instagram just for fun. So, Direct will also be very useful who send messages a lot. Considering that Direct will extra features like Facebook messenger, those who like to send messages will like it very much.

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How to Use Direct?

It will be possible to send photos and videos as well as messages on Instagram message app called Direct. We think, there will be an interface which looks like Facebook messenger so that users may get used to it in a short time.

Facebook Messenger was Criticised at First

As we remember Facebook did that before. It released the messaging app called Facebook Messenger. However, it wasn’t accepted by most users at first. Some users didn’t like it as they had to use more apps but some of them liked it. Then they got used to it in time. Today, Facebook Messenger is one of the most downloaded apps on smartphones.

Facebook has already included Whatsapp and Instagram. If Facebook direct is released there will be three separate apps. We think, some users may not like it at first. Especially those who don’t like to use many apps may not want to use Direct. According to us, if Direct is released it will be liked and used by many people.

Instagram is increasing its popularity with its new features. Of course users like it. The number of Instagram users is increasing day by day. We think new releases and updates will come and we wonder what will come next. You can leave your comments and share your thoughts with us. What are your opinions about Direct and do you think to use it?

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