Instagram Desktop Version will take a long time

Instagram Desktop Version will take a long time

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Instagram is adding new options and having new improvements as the number of Instagram users is increasing around the world.

Recently it has announced new options including Superzoom and stop motion.

We have also announced these features on previous posts. Now Instagram is coming with its new feature for those who prefer using this photo sharing platform on desktop computers.

It seems they will use Instagram better with this new feature.

Instagram Desktop Version

As you remember popular social media platform announced “saved” feature almost one year ago.

Different from archives, this enables us to save our favourite posts of other users in same category.

Those posts saved via taking screenshots are being together with saved ones in our account. This feature was liked by many people in a short time and now it is in desktop version of Instagram.

It is great news for those who want to use this feature on desktop as well.

Although a lot of users want to share posts via desktop computer, this option is still unavailable.

However, desktop features of Instagram are being improved.

So, new desktop features are being included day by day.

Viewing of saved posts is one of those. We hope new functions will be included such as sharing photos and stories via desktop computer.

We think Instagram will be more useful and more people will prefer if it provides its mobile features on desktop. Because there are a lot of people waiting for these features.

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Instagram Desktop Version will take a long time
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