Instagram Creative Art and Gain Engagements

Instagram Creative Art and Gain Engagements

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For an artist to enjoy significant success, such artist should not only create art but also should focus on promoting their Instagram creative art product.

Art is becoming enjoyable for everyone who makes the artists preserve quality whether they are on social Medias or offline.

Just like many small-scale enterprises and large corporations make use of social Medias, the art community is not left out as well. The art community is making use of social Medias to showcase its products and services.

With Instagram, you connect and talk with fellow artists and promote your fan base as well.

This eventually leads to opportunities which are not available in a traditional networking setting.

Instagram is an excellent platform for artist to showcase their photos and share them with friends, family members and the world in general. Artists now make use of Instagram to show their work as an artist and to sell them.

Artists sell their paintings directly from their Instagram page. They also offer followers the opportunity to see new pictures and reach out to other fans who appreciate good artworks. When you think about the number of people you could reach through Instagram and your art exhibition, you will realize Instagram is crucial to growing your art.

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Below are simple suggestions on Instagram Creative Art

  1.  Keep it interesting and straightforward– Make sure you upload and share only relevant photos to your Instagram. It is an excellent avenue to show your followers and fans your work as an artist. You can share your paintings while they are not yet finished, the final images and, you can share inspiration for your art too. Instagram is not about your artwork but also to promote your brand.
  2. High-Quality Images – Make sure the photos you share are of high quality and ensure they reflect your work and vision. Remember that when you post, always focus on quality over quantity. If you feel you need to post photos every day, make sure they are of high quality. Don’t give your followers quantity above quality. If you feel you cannot post quality photos every day, it’s not compulsory you post every day. It’s better to skip if it is not a good picture.
  3. Represent you as an Artist – Instagram is simply an app mainly for sharing photos. Make sure the photos you take represent you as an artist. Even if you are doing something else and not online at a particular period, anyone that comes across your page should easily know it belongs to an artist and should be able to reach you quickly.
  4. Make use of hashtags- To increase your followers on Instagram, you need to understand how to use hashtags. Hashtags allow Instagram categories and distinguish content, so using a few hashtags with every post will aid your exposure and gain you more followers.

With the above explanations, creating and promoting your artwork on Instagram will yield a positive result by gaining you more followers and exposing your product to the world.


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Instagram Creative Art and Gain Engagements
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