Add Your Instagram Contacts to Messenger

Add Your Instagram Contacts to Messenger

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Although it hasn’t been officially yet, according to some unofficial sources it will be possible to sync Instagram contacts and people in Facebook messenger. So, if you have many followers on Instagram you may have many contacts on Messenger. If you don’t have much followers you can think to buy Instagram followers. It is still in progress and when it is completed, the synchronisation will be easy between Instagram and Facebook messenger.

The new feature is expected to be according to the user’s choice at all. It seems that will be the last pace of integration between Instagram and Facebook features. Some improvements about the integration were made before. For example stories can be sent to Facebook and Instagram can be opened via Facebook. This time the new improvement is related to Messenger and Instagram.

How to Add Instagram Contacts to Messenger?

First, go to people tab on Messenger and tap on new “Connect to Instagram” button. Add your Instagram contacts to messenger. It will be possible to be able to reach people via Instant message app of Facebook. Besides, if you are a new user you can also add your Instagram contacts to messenger when you sign up.

The people that will be added will only be those who follow you and you follow. So, you don’t need to worry that those who follow you even if you don’t follow won’t be able to reach you via Messenger.

Considering the fact that millions of people use Direct message on Instagram (according to the statistics of April 300 million people use Direct message) this feature will be very useful for people. As you guess those people you talk on Messenger will be your followers on Instagram. Of course it is a great feature. We think that will be so popular around users in a short time.

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This integration shows us that Facebook not only wants to keep its users in its ecosystem but also it wants to create a big social network including many mobile features that has been improved and that will be added.

There hasn’t been official claim from both Facebook and Instagram but it seems that works on this feature have already begun.

You can tell us your thoughts by leaving comment and if you think to sync your Instagram and Messenger contacts.

Repost Button On Instagram

There is also a new improvement on Instagram. It is called revolution by some people. Users will be able to repost other users’ photos and videos on their profiles.

Function of the button is like retweet on Twitter and share on Facebook. In this way, user will share other user’s content like he does on Facebook and Twitter.

The button is called Regram and it is near Like, Comment and Direct message buttons. You need to trust apps like Regram to repost photos and videos or save them. But users don’t prefer this because of safety concerns. Apart from that, there may be a new app called “Highlight” allowing users to keep their stories for more than 24 hours. GIF search and “Share on Whatsapp” may also be new features that will come next.

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Add Your Instagram Contacts to Messenger
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