How Can I Report Violations Of Community Guidelines Of Instagram?

How Can I Report Violations Of Community Guidelines Of Instagram?

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Although Instagram has been so popular in recent times, some problems have also increased. One of them is the violation of community guidelines. Instagram has taken precautions against such actions. Users can report these kinds of actions but the bad thing is that many users don’t know how to report when they see a user violating community guidelines of Instagram. In this article, we will explain how to report such unwanted actions to Instagram.

Post including nudity, porn, bullying, and drug usage can be harmful for the users. So, these kinds of posts need to be reported when they are seen. It is easy to report these kinds of posts on Instagram in a few simple steps. We will explain how to do it step by step:

Open a new blank page on the web browser, clear the address field, write “″ and press Enter.
A new page will appear. You will see the title “Report Us Violations Of Our Community Guidelines”
There is also an explanation below the title. It is explained that you can fill the form below to report such photos and videos containing content violating community guidelines of Instagram. It is also added that when you report something, your information is never shared with the owner of the related post or profile.

Fill the Form To Report Violations Of Community Guidelines

When you read the explanation you can fill the form.
“Do you have an Instagram account?” You can answer “No”.
“What is seen on the violation that you report?” You can choose both photo and video.
“How does this content violate our community guidelines?” You can choose the appropriate option such as nudity, porn etc.
Your Instagram username (If you have): You can write your Instagram username if you have. It is optional.

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Give Some Details About The Content

– Fill the rest of the form and give all details about the content. As soon as you complete the form and click Send, it will be sent to Instagram and necessary steps will be taken.

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