The Ways to Remove Instagram Comment Block

Instagram Comment Block
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How and why Instagram block comment?



Instagram recently struggles with bot accounts and unwanted profiles. In order to get over the bots, Instagram use a service to catch the bots and unsuitable profiles and to ban them. Even though it is very useful service, some people report that they block by Instagram accidentally. When you face Instagram comment block, you are visible on Instagram but you cannot make comments and can’t like anyone. The duration of that block is generally 24 hours but it can be longer-like days and weeks. But in generally, the system removes the ban automatically in 24 hours. But there is also a possibility to ban again due to your actions. That’s why a lot of people want to know how to remove comment block on Instagram. So, here are the ways to remove the block swiftly.

1.Stop actions on Instagram

One of the biggest mistake that people do when they face comment block is trying to post and make actions on Instagram. Also, some people use Instagram quickly after their ban is removed and it causes to be banned again. Because of this reason, don’t use Instagram one or two days.

2.Be patient

Wait between 20-30 seconds between your comments, likes and posts. When you use Instagram in a fast way, the artificial intelligence system understands that you can be bot system. Also, try to avoid making comments 1 or 2 days after the ban is removed.

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3.Prove it you are real and obey the rules of Instagram

To remove comment block on Instagram, you must prove that you are real human and do not use any bot service. So, after the ban is removed, try to post photos which obeys the rules of Instagram. Make your comments in long way, avoid to just writing “Great” and “yes or no”.

4.Check your hashtags

Some hashtags can be banned Instagram automatically because of they are out of rules. Check your hashtags and if you find unsuitable content, delete it.

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