Instagram Collection Ads – Offers Brands Unique Way to Sell Their Products

Instagram Collection Ads – Offers Brands Unique Way to Sell Their Products

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The social media has become the media stream for many shoppers while many brands and companies prefer showcasing their new products on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. For example, in the US, companies are estimated to spend $107 during this year on the digital ad, surpassing TV ads.

It goes without saying that Instagram with one billion users and 800 million active users monthly attracts brands and companies to its social network. Sixty percent of users learn, for instance, about a product or service on Instagram while seventy-five percent of Instagram users are motivated to take action like visiting a website after seeing an Instagram post.

That’s why Instagram and Facebook offer unique ways for brands to engage with consumer through their social network. As an example of this drive, Instagram rolled out the Collection Ads for companies and brands.

The collection ads method is different from the rest of advertisement options.

  • Brands can add their full catalog in a single and carousel-style ad.
  • Companies can add a video and images to attract users.
  • User can scroll up and down to see multiple products.
  • Consumer can place orders from the app.

This method to promote your content is limited to some users but it is expected to be offered to more and more users.

This article will tell how to place the collection ads through the Facebook Ad page because it is easier to manage the ad and also allows you the chance to place the ad on Facebook and Instagram without spending extra dim.

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Step way Step Instagram Collection Ads

  1. Enter Facebook Ad
  2. Click on, Create an Ad
  3. Enter your username and password
  4. Next, click on Traffic
  5. Next, scroll down to name this particular ad if you want.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Next, you have to go through details on your ad, the place, the age-group, and other details.
  8. Next, scroll down to Placements
  9. Control Platforms’ section if you want to control where your collection Ads will appear.
  10. Once you are sure about the details of the ad, scroll down to click Next.
  11. Next, select your Facebook Page.
  12. Next, select Collection.
  13. Next, you can select existing templates or create new one.
  14. You can add different images and videos.
  15. Here, you can also see your ad live at the right column.
  16. Next, Click on Done.
  17. Next, scroll down to edit text and headlines that will appear on your ad
  18. Next, Click Next to go the payment page.

After the long introduce we can explain what is Instagram collection ads ?

instagram-collection-ad-exampleCollection ads are very usable sale support ad model. When the firms decided to make Instagram ad they can display their products with collection ad model.

New ad model allows advertisers to use more than one image, video and product caption. With this new ad model advertisers can make a product scale for their potential customers.

E-commerces can turn this new Instagram collection ads to very profitable field. Big firms and others can make direct sales also with this new ad model. Instagram allowing to share product’s link with its images and captions. There is a “shop now” button in collection ads and firms can active it.

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Instagram Collection Ads – Offers Brands Unique Way to Sell Their Products
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