How to Make a Collage on Instagram

How to Make a Collage on Instagram

Instagram offers new features daily to its users and allows users to share their photos, videos, or high-quality stories. While you needed other apps to make a collage in the past, Instagram now has a feature to make a collage on Instagram. Making one on Instagram is super easy and has amazing results.

If you wonder how to make a collage on Instagram, continue to read and learn it in just a few steps. 

Steps to Make an Instagram Collage

The Step by Step Guide to Make Collage On Instagram 

Here are the steps to make an Instagram collage down below:

  1. Enter the Instagram app. If your account is not open, log in your user name and password. Be sure that you use the latest version of Instagram. 
  2. Now, tap on the camera icon, located in the bottom part of the Instagram page. It is the place you can download your videos or photos on Instagram. 
  3. Then, choose Library (for iOS) or Gallery (for Android) option on the left bottom side. 
  4. You will see the preview of your gallery photos. From your photos, on the right side, there is an Instagram layout symbol. It is a small square that is divided into three sections. 
  5. Then, click on “Get Layout.” It is the link to download the needed app in Google Play Store or App Store. 
  6. After you click on the link, the app will download automatically. In Android, it starts after downloading. For iOS users, you need to tap on it. 
  7. When the app starts, the information on how you can use the app will display. 
  8. To start to make a collage on Instagram, tap on “Get Started” and open the gallery. 
  9. Give necessary permissions to the app to access the gallery of your phone. 
  10. Choose the photos that you want to use in the collage. You can pick up to 9 photos. 
  11. After that, choose the desired layout. There are different options you can use on your collage on Instagram. 
  12. You can reshape the photos and change the borders of them easily. 
  13. Save your collage on the app. 
  14. Then, open Instagram and go to the gallery as like sharing any post. 
  15. Choose the prepared layout from the gallery. 
  16. Determine the effects that you will use in your post on Instagram. 
  17. Share your collage on Instagram. 

FAQs – Instagram Collages

Is it free to make collages on Instagram?

Yes, you can download the Layout app with free templates and start to make a collage on Instagram.

What other applications can I use to make collages for Instagram?

You can get help from many applications to make collages for Instagram like Unfold, Storyluxe, and SCRL.

Why are collages important for Instagram business?

You can share a product with different photos and angles in only one post with collage. It is attractive to followers and easy to examine the product. To grow your business on Instagram, you should give a chance for collage photos. 

What is the photo sticker on Instagram?

Instagram Stickers are dynamic elements that you can add to both your photo and video stories.

Can you add two pictures on Instagram Story?

You can add several photos or videos to your story by going to your camera roll in the story screen, tapping and holding on to the photos or videos you want to post.

Conclusion On How To Make Instagram Collages

Instagram now offers a layout app to make cute collages. You can share your best moments by making collages. It is so simple, and you can change your Instagram page’s view thanks to Instagram collage. The layout app makes your Instagram experience better. 

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