Instagram Changed Skateboarding Instantly

Instagram Changed Skateboarding Instantly

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Like in many other areas of our lives, Instagram has a large impact on skateboarding.  Everyone from the underground rippers to top pros share amazing videos and photos of this exciting sport. It is not unusual that these popular clips get transformed into longer ones and became wildly popular on YouTube.

Instagram saw a chance in expanding this influence even more, and they announced that soon they will make possible 60 second long videos, and users will be able to take multiple clips they have in their accounts library and make them one clip. This means that some things that could be done only on YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook, now will be possible to do on Instagram too. We are talking about montages and editing the clips with just your photo library and the Instagram app.

Sixty-second multi-clip functionality will be available to all users in the months to come.

Instagram gave skateboarders their own voice and allowed them to create their own brand. Once they have their Instagram account they can post, interact with their followers and get feedback from them. They are watching skateboarding and clothing style, ways to do new tricks or just for kicks. Followers not only that they can watch, but they can also interact with their favorite skateboarders, to ask them what they want and to get responses also.

More interactive you are, more chance you gain new followers, and that way more fans you accumulate.

Instagram Changed Skateboarding with its Rules

And it is not all about skateboarders and the changes Instagram made on them. There is whole industry related to skateboarding. There are skateboard manufacturers, skateboard shoe manufacturers, skateboard clothes manufacturers and much more.

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Instagram made a huge change in their businesses too, and in a positive way.

And, it is not the end. There are many skateboard competitions all over the world. Skateboarders gather together and many events happen on gatherings like this.

It became very important for the organizers of this events to have their own Instagram account and hashtags. This way they spread the word about upcoming event faster than they could ever imagine.

Skateboard groups make their own Instagram accounts and they organize competitions among each other. This can be just small neighborhood groups who want to advance their skills and learn new things. They post their photos or videos, interact with each other, and make events. Also, they participate in community events and charity work to help young people find other meaning of life trough this sport.

Wa all want to have that one moment in our life that we made a big brake. The same thing is for skateboarders. If someone captures something they did and wanted to do it for so many years beck, that photo could be precious for them, and this is one of those moments of the lifetime. Instagram made this possible for them, and it is possible for you too. Just give it a try, and make your lifetime moment, and lifetime photo.




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Instagram Changed Skateboarding Instantly
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