Instagram Change Holiday

Instagram Change Holiday

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One of the best ways to get family together when everyone is to bring a part of a meal or items for decorations for a holiday or family event is Instagram. You can have each person check off a part of the list that they want to make. Or they can request ideas from each person that they know is the best at making something.

From this they can send back and forth ideas. This will help with people not feeling as if they are not apart of the idea generating. It also helps when you get close and you know that a cousin said yes to something but they can’t recall what they were to make. It helps with others being able to see your ideas and give changes or support for it. And when the event happens and the one person that had a different idea of what they envisioned can go kick rocks.

It is also helpful with spreading out the money. If you also include a request on how much something will cost it makes sure everyone is onboard with it. Many families have the person that says they can create a magical creation but need everyone to help with the cost. But when it comes to see what you are getting the creation is not as magical as thought. By using pictures people can be aware and call others out on what they are seeing before the day. Or if they just have to put up with it then alterations and plan changes can be made. Aunt Sue that is so wonderful can we put it in the entry way for everyone to see? As everyone comes in through the side door.

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Instagram Change Holiday
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