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What Is an Instagram Challenge? (Creating One)

An Instagram challenge is a way to increase engagement between you and your followers. In an Instagram Challange, you give a specific time to your followers to do some prompts.

This way, you aim to access more people on Instagram and increase engagement. It is really helpful to grow both your personal or corporate brand.

Use Instagram Challenges

Why Do You Need to Use Instagram Challenges? 

Instagram is a good place to promote your brand and allows engagement between account owners and followers. But at the same time, there is a high number of competition between brands. That’s why brands must create new strategies to continue their popularity on Instagram. Creating a challenge is a way to promote your brand better. You need to use an Instagram challenge for your business because; 

  • Instagram has a visual platform and has a different audience comparing other apps. It has a younger audience, and these younger people want to see engagement between them and brands. Instagram hashtags target these younger people. 
  • People want to know that brands listen to their ideas and make a connection with them. If you are accessible to your followers, your followers start to follow your brand in a more close way—that’s why a challenge is important. 
  • When you create a challenge, people start to do the prompts while sharing your hashtags. It helps you to gain new followers in a short time. 
  • Instagram challenges help you to build a better connection with existing followers. 
How to Create an Instagram Photo Challenge

How to Create an Instagram Photo Challenge? 

You can create an Instagram photo challenge to increase engagement. Follow these steps to create a photo challenge: 

  • Use your time logically. You need to announce your challenge at the right time before the challenge. Be sure that you announce it in the right way. 
  • Choose unique and catchy hashtags. Be sure about you use these hashtags the first time. 
  • Determine the rules of the challenge and list them. You need to write the rules of the challenge. 
  • Start to challenge and announce that it is started. Find an enjoyable way to announce the starting of a photo challenge. 
  • Support engagement. During the challenge, make a connection with your followers. 
  • Continue to create new content during the challenge to gain new followers. Your profile should be attractive to keep new followers.

Stay Alive Challenge

This trending hashtag, known as #stayalivechallengeaccepted, has been widely seen as a suicide prevention movement. You post any picture about a happy event in your life and post it in B&W to a eulogy to suicidal thoughts. This challenge acts as a link for you and other people who need a little support. The positive image opposes the filter to show that everything’s going to be okay. There are also other numerous challenges like the #tbt challenge, where you’re reposting an old photo on Thursdays, and #workout challenge, where you set yourself work out goals and do them, respectively.

To Conclude Instagram Challenge 

An Instagram challenge helps the brand to increase its engagement. They are quite helpful in getting new followers and make better communication with existing followers. To have a more successful Instagram brand account, use the power of Instagram challenges. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About

To promote your brand, you can join an Instagram challenge and gain new followers. Find a unique and attractive idea and post your photo or video. You will gain new followers in that way.

Because it is the easiest way to engage. The Instagram photo challenge is easy to make, so many Instagram users can join it.

You need to create unique and memorable hashtags to make your Instagram challenge more successful.

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  1. Sam Mitchell
    Sam Mitchell

    My favorite Instagram challenge was the ice bucket challenge. I remember having a great time.