How To Find Blocked Users On Instagram

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With its increasing popularity and useful features, Instagram is the most preferred social media app around the users. Because of its popularity, many users use it according to different purposes such as becoming popular, increasing sales, promoting products and services. But, it is not very easy to become popular on Instagram. As the interactivity is much important, users need followers. While users visit a profile much, they see posts, make comments and like them, that profile will be popular. So, users need to add likes on Instagram. While they add likes on Instagram they will increase their popularity and interaction with other users.

With its huge crowded of registered users, Instagram continues to increase its popularity. However, some problems have risen due to the rise of this popularity. Sometimes users may be disturbed by other users. Because of that, they are able to block anyone who disturbs them. Besides, users can block anyone that they don’t want to see on Instagram. Once a user is blocked, that profile isn’t shown anymore. However, users may change their mind and want to take their action back. If you blocked a user and want to see him on Instagram again you need to follow these steps:

Find Blocked Users on Instagram Step By Step

Unfortunately, you can’t see that person’s username in the search results. But, you can use web browsers such as Safari or Chrome. Open a new blank page. Clear the address and write Once the page is loaded, log into Instagram with your username and password. Click … the button that is on his profile. Choose the option “Unblock this user”. When clicking the option, that user will be unblocked and you will see his profile and posts as well as you will find him in search results.

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