Instagram Automatically Follows Accounts

Instagram Automatically Follows Accounts

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Instagram is a great social media platform that enables you to share your moments and memories. You can follow inspirational people, places and foundations with the help of Instagram .But as like other apps, you can face some technical problems on Instagram. One of the most frequented problem that people encounters is that Instagram follow some accounts by itself. In order to solve the problem and to continue to use Instagram with same satisfaction, here is a full guide.

The Reason Why Instagram Follows by Itself

Many applications on apps market want your social media information to access your identity. They seem it like ID Card of yourself. But sometimes, these apps have bot system that creates misuse of Instagram activities. They use your Instagram to follow their own foundations and pages .That’s why Instagram follow some accounts by itself and you have no control on following panel.

What Should You Do?

In order to remove unnecessary apps that controls following panel, you must follow that procedure:

  • Go to web page of Instagram. Using computer for accession is better
  • Tap to edit settings and click on manage applications section
  • Examine the list and determine which applications are dangerous or can be cause of the problem
  • Select “revoke the access” section to remove the apps from your settings.
  • Try whether or not your problem is solved. If problem continues, remove all apps from your Instagram account and control you use the last version of Instagram.

Despite the fact that you follow all the procedure and your problem is not solved, write to support service of Instagram. Write ” I revoked the access of all apps from my account and removed them. But, still Instagram follows by itself some accounts even I didn’t select them.” Your problem is answered in 24 hours by Instagram after your message.

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