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What Is Instagram Analytics? (Best Tools)

Instagram is not only known for its rapid growth but also its high interaction rate. But followers do not automatically react to every picture that you put in front of their eyes. To translate Instagram users’ willingness to interact with successful marketing campaigns, you need to publish the right content at the right time. You can only do this if you continuously analyze your activities and the response to them. If you wonder, “What is Instagram Analytics?” and how to use this information correctly, then continue reading. We got your answers.

What are the Best Instagram Analysis Tools?

Here we present 10 of the most useful Instagram analytic tools that are best for the Instagram algorithm. These include free and paid versions, extensive professional platforms, and those for a basic analysis or a quick discovery overview of the most important key figures. We will start with the obvious one: You can use Instagram’s analysis tool, Instagram Insights. However, this only offers a limited range of functions. Therefore, it makes sense to use external software to get more out of your analysis in many cases. Let’s get into details.

instagram analytics

1. Instagram Insights

The two main advantages of Instagram Insights are that it is free to use, and the tool is already integrated into the platform. Beginners in Instagram marketing can safely use it. Here you get a rough overview for free. That is enough for the initial phase and sometimes even beyond.
Instagram Insights tells you how many users see or respond to your posts. The tool also tells you what percentage your of followers are female and male and what regions of the world they come from. Instagram Story Insights is the counterpart to stories.
Please note that Instagram Insights is only available for business accounts. If you have previously used a private account for your company, it is time for a change.


2. KeyHole

A large part of all Instagram analysis tools depicts developments, for example, the growth of your followers, over shorter or longer periods. The Keyhole is no exception. Also, the device offers real-time tracking. Enter a hashtag, an account, or a keyword, and you can follow relevant developments around the search term in real-time, also in forums or blogs.
Also striking are the meaningful graphics in which Keyhole packs its analyzes. An example of this is the so-called “Sentiment Scores.” They give you a quick overview of whether feedback on posts with a specific hashtag is positive, negative, or neutral. Keyhole is also ideal for competitor analysis and the search for suitable influencers. These features make the platform an all-rounder. Unfortunately, all-rounders are usually not cheap. It also applies to Keyhole. Prices start at $ 179 a month.


3. SmartMetrics

SmartMetrics gives you an overview of posts and stories’ success over shorter and longer periods, tells you when and how many of your followers are online, and provides you with regional and demographic data on your target group. An extensive hashtag analysis supports you in optimizing your keywording and thus increasing the reach of content.
Unfortunately, SmartMetrics is no longer available free of charge. But with prices starting at 9 euros per month, the expenses are kept within limits.

social insider

4. Socal Insider

For successful social media marketing, you should analyze your activities and those of your competitors. Social Insider is the right tool for this:
The software tells you how your competitors’ profiles have grown over time. Also, which of their campaigns have been successful in the past or not. You stay up to date on what content your competitors publish and when, how they edit videos and photos, and even which filters they use.
Also, you will receive valuable data on the profiles and target group of your competitors.
For a better overview, social insiders make it possible to download essential data prepared as stats. The tool offers its services not only for Instagram but also for Twitter and Facebook. Monthly pricing in the Explorer package starts at $ 29 for analyzing five profiles.


5. Quintly

Quintly is the right agent to keep an eye on your social media activities and engagements over platforms and compare your performance with those of your competitors. The software uses a wide range of data to analyze your Instagram marketing. Whether you are looking for more information about your followers’ demographics or want to know which of your hashtags do particularly well, Quintly provides you with the answers to your questions.
The great tool’s unique strengths include the individually adaptable dashboards, for which you can choose from 300 different metrics, and the competitive benchmarking function for competitor analysis. In addition to Instagram, Quintly covers Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn. Prices start at 100 euros per month for five social media profiles.


While Instagram Insights is for small businesses with a limited budget who are getting a taste of Instagram marketing for the first time, is a comprehensive tool for advanced users.
What is particularly interesting about are the overview graphics for the performance of various photo and video filters. The tool also does something that many of its relatives do not do: it relates the number of followers on an account to the interaction rate. In this way, it considers that 150 comments should be classified differently for an account with 600 followers than for an account with 10,000 followers. Finally, divides your Instagram followers into five categories. These range from “mass followers” ​​to influencers. If you want to start looking for a brand ambassador in your network, you can start here.
Monthly prices for using start at $ 9. You can get the full program for just $ 39— scores with an excellent price-performance ratio.


7. Owlstat

Popular Chips is explicitly aimed at companies that are looking for influencers. This search makes it easier with precise data on influencers and their followers. Fake follower recognition is particularly valuable in this context. With their help, you can recognize when an influencer buys likes and followers. You can also use Popular Chips to analyze your content and that of competitors and thus improve your Instagram marketing strategy beyond influencer marketing.

share my insights

8. SharemyInsights

SharemyInsights is an Instagram Analytics Tool to track, analyze, and optimize your Instagram Marketing. It delivers insights to your audience, posts, hashtags, places, locations, comments, and more.
The detailed hashtag analysis provides you with insights into the hashtags that you use to optimize your postings for the future. A separate section offers tips for finding the best posting times for maximum likes, comments, reach, and impressions.
The tool also offers a community of Instagram users who share their private best practices. You can network directly with other users in your niche using the tool to initiate collaborations.
You can use SharemyInsights in the basic version for free. The premium version offers more extensive features and starts at $ 5 a month.


9. SocialFox

Like Smart Metrics or, SocialFox is aimed at users who want to know the analytics precisely.
The platform reveals crucial demographic data on your audience and the performance of individual posts on Instagram. This feature includes Instagram stories. Finally, SocialFox uses a link in your Instagram biography to track how much traffic your Instagram account brings to your website. The monthly price for the tool depends on the number of your followers. But the minimum amount is $ 25 a month.

popular chips

10. Popular Chips

Popular Chips is explicitly aimed at companies that are looking for influencers. This search makes it easier with precise data on influencers and their followers. Fake follower recognition is particularly valuable in this context. With their help, you can recognize when an influencer buys likes and followers. You can also use Popular Chips to analyze your content and that of competitors and thus improve your Instagram marketing strategy beyond influencer marketing.

It’s Worth Having a Closer Look

As you probably understand by now, checking your Instagram analysis in detail is definitely worth it. Also, you should select the right analysis tool. At first glance, many hardly differ from each other. But small things often make a big difference. These can be Keyhole’s sentiment scores or’s performance rates. The key is where you or your company stand in Instagram Marketing and want to go.
In many cases, Instagram Insights and other free tools are enough to get you started. In the long run, great paid solutions are usually the better choice. Because the better your analyzes are, the better the chances are that your content will stand out from the crowd.

To Conclude Instagram Analytics

In this article, we mentioned what Instagram Analytics is and what are the free or paid alternatives to it. Thanks for reading. If you want to check other blog posts of InstaFollowers. If you want to learn more about Instagram Analytics and other analysis tools, check this video by Hiilite:

Frequently Asked Questions About

Yes. But if you do not want to transfer your account from private to business, we have good news. You can use many other tools to view your Instagram analytics.

Yes, many free options show you essential info about your Instagram account, including the original Instagram Insights feature.

Viewing your Instagram analytics allow you to see what strategies might work and what might now. You can see how many people interacted with your post, for example, how many of them liked it.

Apparently, every statistic on Instagram Insights is very accurate, except for the reach (as does the Instagram themselves say).

Unfortunately, there is no current method to find who viewed or stalked your profile or account yet.

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    This Instagram Analytics blog post was incredibly informative and helpful. It provided a great overview of the different metrics available to track progress and engagement on Instagram. The visuals were also very helpful in understanding the data. I highly recommend this blog post to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of Instagram analytics.