Instagram Algorithm Will Murder Lots of Instagram Accounts

Instagram Algorithm Will Murder Lots of Instagram Accounts

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Instagram Algorithm updated almost every month, it can be so hard to follow it, but this time algorithm has huge changes and these affect user directly.

This new algorithm will change almost all rules of Instagram and photo sharing.

Instagram does not want to lose users but does not want passive users also.

One of the most effective parts of the new update is ranking users according to their Instagram rank or point.

The new algorithm will hide your new posts and just let %10 of your followers see your posts if you have enough engagements you should not be worried.

But do not forget even you have a good ranking in Instagram this rank is not once and for all as you can increase your rank you could be decreased by the algorithm.

What Need to do Against Instagram Algorithm

Actually, the algorithm is not our enemies and it will help us while we understand the real logic of the algorithm.

If you use hashtags, tags and other Instagram tools you will be able to run away to Instagram punish.

You should try to get every type of engagement this means you engagements more likely organic.

Another important point does not make your account looks like spam.

Spamming is a serious crime and you could lose your account never ever be close to spamming, for example, do not use 30 hashtags even it is its legal use limit.

Your account should not gain insanely traffic in the short terms instead of enlarging your account step by step.

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Instagram Algorithm Will Murder Lots of Instagram Accounts
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