Instagram Advertising is the next big marketing tool

Instagram Advertising

Instagram advertising will be so popular, experts says Instagram will dominate the online marketing and advertising it is going to chenge all rules about advertising.

As our lives get more virtually social each day, our habits change dramatically fast. Traditional advertising methods like newspaper, radio and tv ads started to loose its cost efficiency … People started to spend more time on social media networks like Instagram than they spend watching TV.

Would it be smart to spend thousands of dollars on a magazine ad that you can reach to 30.000 readers at most?

I don’t think so…

Social media on the other hand, makes it possible to reach millions of potential customers with much smaller advertising budgets while it allows you to track and estimate how many people you can reach!

Big companies now spend more advertising budget on social media than they spend for old traditional marketing methods.

In this rapidly changing world, the current social media trend is by no doubt Instagram.

Facebook and Twitter started to loose their active visitors, while Instagram gets bigger and bigger every day. Instagram‘s easy and user friendly interface makes it easy to use and also not time consuming.. Unlike all other social media networks like Facebook or Twitter, Instagram’s minimalistic and pure interface makes the advertisement be more efficient.


Imagine you advertise your new product in an account with more than 100.000 Instagram followers. For sure your return of investment will be much higher your ads on traditional media.

Instagram Advertising is the next big marketing tool
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