Guide about Instagram Ads and Secret Tricks

Guide about Instagram Ads and Secret Tricks

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Instagram Ads is one of the largest mobile ads community because it has more than 500 millions of users their audience is mostly young people who are very engaged in a creative and high-quality environment and they are always looking for new and interesting things that can inspire them.

They post, like, comment and share everything that is eye catchy to them. Businesses can share their stories with their followers and this is a perfect platform for business ads, no matter if you have a small or big business.

Posting an ad is not complicated and business account owner can do that, but there are many more things you can do to advertise on Instagram.

If you are creative, there are endless opportunities you can use to advertise and make benefit for your business.

Hosting a giveaway is a very popular way of Instagram Ads because it creates awareness of their brand among Instagram users. Depending on how much money they want to invest, a business can do this on their own or join with a partner.

There are not so many Instagram rules that business have to obey. When hosting a giveaway, they have to make sure they must acknowledge that the promotion is no way connected to Instagram and they have to take care of tagging the content, so no inaccurate tag is done.

Like in a real life, on Instagram you have Influencers. This is people with many Instagram followers that are usually very popular. Sometimes brands invite Influencers to “Takeover”  Brand’s Instagram Account. This is often take for 1-3 days and Influencers get compensation to post on  Brand’s Instagram Account.

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Popular Instagram Ads Examples

Business has many benefits from this “Takeover” because business`s account is introduced to a new group of followers, they often click on businesses bio`s URL  and also they increase numbers of posts, comments, and likes on their Instagram account which can mean more potential customers.

If the “Takeover” idea is not interesting for you, you can make the same thing, but a little different. Businesses can pay influencers to post about their brand. It often happens that influencers followers become businesses followers too. This is well-invested money because more followers mean more potential buyers for your product or service. When you chose your Influencer you should consider hiring someone who is in some way connected to your product or service, and who is very popular on Instagram.

When you make your Partnership agreements, it can be very useful to include Instagram. For instance, partners can agree on a number of Instagrams posts for some amount of time.

Bottom line, Instagram is a great platform that gives creative people a variety of chances to promote their products or services.

If you did not like the previous suggestions, then you should go beck to add advertising. You can post a photo ad, video ad or carousel ad.

You can purchase and manage Instagram ads trough Facebook`s self-service interfaces Ads Manager, Power Editor, and Marketing API.

Chose the best way that suits your business and start advertising on Instagram and make your business blossom.


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Guide about Instagram Ads and Secret Tricks
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