Instagram Add Long Video Form Option

Instagram add long video form! With this theoretical idea users will be able to upload vertical videos up an hour long.

As you know Instagram limited users with 1 minutes length videos and even stories should be shorter than 1 minute it is just 15 seconds.

The only video format that satisfies users live videos lasts up to 1 hour but users say there should be no time limit because it is a live stream.

Facebook tries to make an ideal video format and time limit to monetize videos.

Instagram has 800 million monthly active users, 500 million of those 800 million visits Instagram each end every single day. Stories viewed by 300 million users for every day.

Instagram Add Long Video

Experts say adding long video option could make the Instagram competitor to YouTube.

According to research video share sites and application is reaching almost all of the world.

YouTube, Instagram Snapchat and Facebook are the first four video share platforms.

Instagram has had a great increase last years and apparently it will not terminate this increase.

Instagram has not yet pay video owner as much as YouTube but in the future most probably they will start to investments about this area.

Next step will be promoting publishers after long video form publisher will have all new form of posts.

But some users do not want to this update because they believe that Instagram and YouTube completely different and should not be the something in the future.

Instagram looks like going to updates these features and if you want to be a publisher you should definitely have enough followers.

Instagram Add Long Video Form Option
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