How to Turn Off Instagram Activity Status

How to Turn Off Instagram Activity Status

Instagram allows people to use this feature to see someone’s last online time on the app. By default, your status is shown as well, so people can see it. Even though it is a good feature, some people do not prefer to use it and want to learn how to turn off Instagram activity status.

You can turn it off both on your phone an on your computer simply and easily; here’s how!

Turn off Your Instagram Activity Status on Mobile or Computer

Turning off Your Instagram Activity Status on Mobile or Computer 

To turn off this feature on mobile devices, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the Instagram app and log in to your account. 
  • Go to your profile on Instagram and tap on Settings. 
  • Then, choose the privacy page. 
  • Go to the activity status section and turn off the switch that says ‘Show Activity Status.’

To turn off this feature on the computer, you need to follow similar steps like on the phone: 

  • Go to the Instagram home page and log in to your account. 
  • Then, go to settings from the profile section. 
  • Choose privacy and then change activity status on Instagram. 

You can change your Instagram activity status whenever you want. Be aware of when you turned off your last activity on Instagram; you cannot see other people’s status as well. 

Know if Someone Turned Off Activity Status on Instagram

How to Know if Someone Turned Off Activity Status on Instagram?

Instagram allows people to organize their privacy, and that’s why you can choose to turn your activity status on or off whenever you want. Once you turned it off, you are no longer seeing other people’s last activity status. It is good for privacy. 

If someone turned off their status, you can’t see when was the last time they were online. But also, they can’t see your last Instagram status either. That is how you can understand that they turned it off.

To check if a person turned off their activity feed, you can try to send a direct message to that Instagram account. If you can’t see the last login, you can learn that it is turned off.

FAQs About Activity Status

What does active now mean on Instagram? 

Instagram shows when you are on Instagram with your friends. Active now means that person is using Instagram, but it does not mean they are messaging or doing another activity.

How accurate is activity status on Instagram? 

Unfortunately, it is not accurate enough. Sometimes activity status does not represent the true time. The last seen time can vary from real value up to 10 min. 

Does activity status mean you are using DM on Instagram? 

No, Instagram only shows the time you are on Instagram. Whether you are using DM or posting photos, your activity status can be seen by your friends. Your friends can’t see the type of activity you do on Instagram at that moment. 

What’s the difference between active now and green dot on Instagram?

The green dot has recently replaced the “Active Now” status, so if you have “Active Now” instead of the green dot, you can simply switch to the new feature by updating your app.

Why can’t I see people’s activity on Instagram?

Business and private accounts on Instagram can disable their activity status to not let others find about their activity. So if someone’s activity status does not appear, that means they’ve disabled the feature off.


On Instagram, you can see the status of other people and share your last login with them. But if you do not want to use that feature, you can simply turn it off. Once you turned off your activity status on Instagram, you cannot see other people’s last seen time as well.

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