How to Increase your Instagram Traffic with easy Tricks

How to Increase your Instagram Traffic with easy Tricks

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Entrepreneurs have improved on the Initial use of handbills, radio jingles, and television adverts to promote their business. Today’s entrepreneurs think outside the box to grow. 21st-century business promotion is all about having a social media presence and gathering ‘traffic’ which results in an improved customer base.

There are numerous social networking platforms, and there is an urgent need to capture your business on the most popular social network hence, the choice of Instagram is obvious. Going by statistic, Instagram has gained more popularity since its launch in 2010. It could be as a result of improvement in its features. Nevertheless, there are ways to have traffic on your business with simple methods.

Instagram allows users to keep a documentary of their lives, so while users are doing that for fun, an entrepreneur can use it to display his goods and services and increase his/her customer base.

Proven Instagram Traffic Generating Methods

  1. Hold contests

Engaging your followers in regular games with eye-catching prizes will certainly increase your followers. The contest will have laid down rules which should target at promoting your business by the contestants/fans. Such rules can include:

Following your account, it should be a criterion for eligibility for participation.

Contestants have to ensure their voters equally follow your account before their votes can be considered as being valid.

  1. Tags and Mentions

Everyone loves attention! It has become a fact through the years in different aspects of life. Hence before you make that post, tag a few of your customers/ followers. Appreciate those who have patronized your business in the past by using trends such as selfie and throwback Thursday. Example:

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@preetylady walked into our shop today and bought #leopardskinbag# and she looked classy with it, and I couldn’t resist taking a selfie! #happycustomer# #instafashion# #slayer# #wedeliver#

  1. Create a unique trend

Make your business unique by being creative with a trend. It could be on feedback or question and answer session. Such as ‘Feedback Friday’ where your followers will have a platform to air their views on your services and have the feeling that your business isn’t all about the money, but your company cares about their opinion and is open to constructive criticism.

  1. Share posts

Sharing posts from other users throw your business in the positive light and keep you active. It sends the signal of your firm been conscious of other people. By sharing posts, you are also informing your followers about others.

  1. Learn to comment

In other to be active and gain popularity, you have to make an effort to comment on posts. Try to avoid making sensitive comments that could throw you in a bad light. Rather ensure your comments speak positivity. There’s a hidden rule in gaining popularity, though, DON’T OVERDO IT.

  1. Promotion

Marketing a brand takes a lot of effort but with Instagram, you can become successful with ease. Make your profile attractive with creative photos. Also,  do not limit your development to only Instagram, take it all out. Promoting on other platforms with screenshots possibly would gather more followers.

Instagram gives you an opportunity to document daily activities so seize the opportunity, document your business and grow your customer base!


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How to Increase your Instagram Traffic with easy Tricks
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