Best 6 Tricks to Increase your Instagram Followers

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If you are new in Instagram world it is hardly difficult to increase your followers. Especially companies try to reach their customers on the Instagram but to achieve this goal they have to work patiently. In this article we will discuss about increasing Instagram followers. Here are the tips:

        • Using Hashtag: hashtags the best and easy way to reach new followers whether you are use Instagram for personal using or companies using. Hashtags collect all photos marked with the same hashtag and put them all in a pool, thus others can easily reach your posts when visit that hashtag. In addition, you have to have your own hashtag and frequently use it.
      • Like similar posts: Another best way to increasing Instagram followers is frequently like similar posts. According to a research every 100 likes equals to 6.1 followers.
      • Other social media accounts: You have to use other social media sites effectively. Facebook and Twitter are best assistant to have enormous number of Instagram followers.
      • Timing: If you want to get more like (it means new followers) you have to have great photo but, not only great and beautiful photos but also post time is key to reach more people. Every country has different time zone you have to detect best time to share posts. Sunday is the best day to share your best photos. But on the other hands Wednesday is the day that Instagram has most interaction.
      • Organizing: Despite quick change of technology and social media platform importance of being organized is never change. You should be able to explain why you have this kind of account, what is your motivation and what will you do in the next days and also your gals must be appropriate with your account’s past.
      • Repost: increasing Instagram followers could not be imagine without reporting. By repost a post you got the attention of post owner and most probably a new follower and also free likes.
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    Even you apply all those steps above you must be patient and hardworking otherwise you could not have big number of followers, because you have millions of opponents.

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