Importance of Reposting on Instagram

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Reposting on Instagram


In this article, we’ll explain the importance of reposting on Instagram, why and how it’s good for Instagram businesses. We’ll also discuss some ways of reposting content on Instagram.

Now you may be asking yourself, “what could be the benefit of reposting on Instagram? I can post a new thing every day”. While at the start it may seem like that, as time progresses it becomes harder and harder to find and share new content. Reposting is very useful and important because, in time, as we said, you will likely run out of original content and reposting user-generated content may be more beneficial than you think. If you start reposting your followers’ content; it makes them feel valued and they’ll get a rise in their traffic thanks to you. Which may make them post nice things about you in their profile. Good public relations.  If you repost another business’ content, it’ll make them feel you like their products/way they advertise.

Reasons Why Reposting on Instagram is Important:

User-generated content is endless, you can choose anyone you like and use whenever.  This also elevates the conversion rate of your business. It makes your brand get liked better, it expands your message and makes you more down to earth in the eyes of potential customers. All of these are very important for success. Besides, it doesn’t always have to be about your product. Sometimes you can just share a post you liked, just to bring a smile in people’s faces. Not always though, remember you’re a business account. Not casual, business casual.

There are some statistics we’ve found, they look pretty legit. They also look very good.

  • Reportedly 80% of the range of a social media marketing campaign, comes from the social gain of the user-generated content. 80 in 100 people. This is the importance of reposting on Instagram and we’re just on the first statistic yet.
  • User-generated content is being seen 50% more honest than the advertisement content. People do not trust ads anymore, but they trust each other. People are also 35% more likely to remember user-generated content, compared to content generated by companies.
  • 59% of millennials trust in user-generated content when they’re about to buy a product. This is especially the case for expensive/major electronics. Think of it like this. We all read comments, even in videos we watch or posts we see. Ask yourself why we do this.
  • Millennials also trust user-generated content a lot more than company advertisement content. As expected, you cannot trust a brand to tell you their product is bad, but you can trust people who bought it, to be honest with you.
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Statistics show people in general; especially millennials, trust user-generated content a lot more than company contents. So how do you go about doing this then? Let’s continue.

Tips on Reposting on Instagram

We’ve talked about the importance of reposting on Instagram. Now we’ll tell you how to do it, in the best ways possible.

Ask Before Reposting

You should always ask for permission before reposting. Always. The last thing you want as a business is to be labeled as a thief. Besides doing that is required by the law, so you really don’t want to do that. Trust me. Just ask your followers to post some content and you’ll repost the ones you like. After this you’ll have a lot of cost-free content to repost whenever you’d like; and even better, they’ll be from your followers. Again, public relations. Or just direct message the owner of the said post. Most of the time they’ll accept.

Give Credit & Tag

User-generated content is made by people who’re not connected with you in any legal way. Like we said in the previous paragraph, never take it as your own. Give credit to them, tag them, thank them, be good with the public. I cannot stress this enough, good public relations can make or completely break your image, and your business as a whole.

You want to have a good trustworthy image amongst people. By giving people credit for it, you’ll get that.

Use Hashtags #

Hashtags are essential for Instagram, I think at this point we all know this. Create a hashtag for your brand. Content will come to you this way, you’ll have many options to choose from. If you can make another social media influencer or another brand use your hashtag too, then it’ll be beyond good then, it’s amazing. That’d make a lot of people see your hashtag, and your hashtag is pretty much your advertisement reel.

Ways to Repost Content

It’s not so easy to Repost on Instagram. While it’s easier on websites like Facebook or Twitter, it’s not easy like this on Instagram. You need applications to have this feature, and we’ll tell you some of those good apps.

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 Repost for Instagram

Reposting on Instagram

‘Repost for Instagram’ is an app that’s available in iOS and Android app stores. To Repost, you have to come to the photo or video. Then tap the three dots at the right top corner.  After this, you’ll be opening the Repost App. You don’t have to paste any link after opening the app, it’ll automatically display the post you copied just after it starts.

After this, you’ll have to choose which way the Repost icon will be shown after you repost. This will also highlight the name of the user you Reposted this content from. Like we said before, always give credit.

After you edited the icon’s place and such, just tap on Repost and then Copy to Instagram one. After copying, you can choose a filter and/or edit the Repost.

Now you’ll be able to edit the post’s caption also. You can keep the original or write your own. After you’re done on it, just tap the Share button.

‘Repost on Instagram’ app is very popular, may be the most popular reposting app. But it’s not the only one. Here are some others.


This is a website. Find the post you wish to Repost, copy the link, go to, paste the link of the post and then tap Download. It’ll be saved in your gallery. Then you can open Instagram again and post it like your picture. But don’t do it, always give credit.


Pretty much the same as ‘Repost for Instagram’. The only difference is, it saves the original picture to your gallery like ‘DownloadGram’. But this is an app while that was a website.

Screenshot Method

This is the good old “taking a screenshot, importing the photo and working with it” method. If you do not like the other methods, you can always come back to this.


In this article, we talked about the importance of reposting on Instagram and how to repost. Hope it was of use to you. If you liked it, please leave a comment, share it with anyone, or just read other articles of ours. Always a pleasure to have you here.




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