IG Shopping will Change Everything about Shopping

IG Shopping
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After Facebook owned Instagram and copy Snapchat filters the app reach extremely hig number of users and now IG Shopping is waiting for us.

While the number of users increase the business account increase to and users found a new area to shop.

Accordging to some Instagram news the shop extension of Instagram will be called as IG Shopping, but Instagram and Facebook experts says nothing about shopping extension.

About IG Shopping we guess that it will ket shoppers search for some product.

As they will have the chance search all product, they will be able to find products that sells by sellers who they are already follow.

We do not know much information of working logic of the ap or the release date  but Instagram (or Facebook) will not settle down until they take a big part of online shopping in its control.

There are 25 Million Busines Accounts for IG Shopping

Instagram will take care of all payment shipping and the other process of buying so the users will enjoy.

It is one of the most important advantages of Instagram that the seller will have detailed profl page so you can easily follow the seller and read the feedback.

%80 of Instagram users follow at least one business, it is not something we surprized but it is important to be able to see the future of shopping.

Todays a users can shop fro the Instagram Stories and Instagram try to make it more developed.


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