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I Forgot My Twitter Password and E-Mail

If you have forgotten your Twitter password, it is a very short process to reset your old password and get a new password. In such cases, Twitter (X) uses the I forgot my Twitter password button, like many social media platforms. In such cases, you can enter a new password when you type your Twitter username and enter your e-mail. But sometimes, users can also forget the password of their e-mail address, and then they can say that this solution did not work. So we will give you some information about this to you today; if you have forgotten your Twitter password and e-mail, you can log back into your Twitter account in a short time with the steps below.

How Can I Reset My Twitter Password?

Twitter is important among social media sites and is used by many people. If you have made a very long and complicated password for your Twitter account, it is normal to forget your password after not entering it for a long time. If you have forgotten your Twitter account’s login password, it is possible to get a new password again. All you need to do is to enter your Twitter username and e-mail. Now we will explain step by step how to request a password reset of your Twitter account. 

Steps to Reset Twitter Password

If you have forgotten your Twitter password, you can get a new password with your registered e-mail address or phone number. If you can’t solve your problem, you can learn how to contact Twitter via e-mail.

steps to reset twitter password
  1. First of all, open your mobile device and open the Twitter app.
  2. You will see the ‘Forgot Your Password?’ option under the password on the Twitter log in page; click on it.
  3. Now, enter your Twitter username or e-mail address.
  4. Next, you will have to choose to reset the password. Choose your e-mail or phone number to request a new password reset.
  5. If you selected the e-mail, click the reset link in your inbox.
  6. If you select the phone number option, your phone will receive a code valid for 15 minutes by Twitter (X) . Enter the security code in the box on the password reset screen and click the Send button.
  7. Lastly, set a new password for your Twitter account.

How to Recover a Twitter Account Without E-Mail?

If you do not remember your Twitter password and e-mail, you do not need to panic because there is a solution to this. You need three things to access your Twitter account. Username, phone number, and e-mail address. Since you have forgotten your Twitter password and e-mail, you must use your phone number for the Twitter password reset. When you access your account, you can make a fresh start. You can buy Twitter followers to boost your account.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to visit this address.
  2. You will see the Forgot My Password button on the open page; click this button.
  3. You will then see the option to enter your e-mail address, phone number, or username.
  4. Select the phone number or username option from these options.
  5. Then enter your phone number. Enter the code you will receive on your phone, and you will be directed to the page asking you to create a new password.
  6. Create your new password and log in to your Twitter account.


This article explained how you could get your Twitter account back when you forget your Twitter password and e-mail. To get your Twitter account back, you need three things. These are the username, phone number, and e-mail. If you have forgotten your Twitter password and e-mail, you can easily get your Twitter account with your phone number.

Frequently Asked Questions About

You can reset and change your password with your e-mail or telephone number.

First, tap on “Forgot Password” and type your username. Then, choose your e-mail, and Twitter will send a code. After typing this code, you can reset your password.

If you do not remember your Twitter username, you can find your username from a friend following you or a tweet you have already sent.

Of course. You can get your account back with your phone number.

Sometimes this process can take a long time. Try to wait at least 15 minutes. If there is no code within this time, make sure your Twitter notifications are on.

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  1. Franciszek Pennington
    Franciszek Pennington

    Thank you for your help in resetting my Twitter password and email blog post. Your quick response and assistance was much appreciated. Your customer service was top notch and I will definitely recommend your services to others.

  2. Robert Ziegenfus
    Robert Ziegenfus

    I deactivated my Twitter account. How do create a new X account

    • Yasmin Talley
      Yasmin Talley

      You can create new Twitter X account with a new email address.