How to Write an SEO Friendly Article?

How to Write an SEO Friendly Article?

We all know that the internet is now an indispensable part of our daily lives. Digital marketing is also in high demand at a time when the internet is becoming so widespread. Everyone wants to get to the top of the search engines and gain commercial power. The concept of SEO, which we know as “search engine optimization”, is of great importance for this purpose. SEO has now become a commercial sector, and everyone with a website is interested in this issue. If you want the content you enter on your website to rank top in search engines, you should take care of some things. Especially the SEO-compatible articles you will publish are the key to this topic. So how to write an SEO friendly article?

SEO Plugins for SEO Friendly Articles

SEO Plugins

If you want your articles to be on a quality level, you have a few steps to follow. Yoast SEO and All in One SEO are the most popular plugins for WordPress. For a good article, just upload one of these two plugins to your site.

If you have adjusted the necessary settings, you will see a section of the plugin opened under your posts. This section will ask you to specify the keyword. Notice, your keyword must be compatible with the title of your article. Titles and descriptions are directly contained as a result of search engines.

When your article appears in search results, your page title must consist of at least 3 words and 30 letters. Google updated the maximum number of characters in the description section to 320. Your page title must consist of at least 60 words.

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Satisfying Users

The most essential criterion for SEO is that the articles you will write consist of a minimum of 300 words. We can’t say that search engines like short content. But you don’t have to write long enough to make your content meaningless and boring just for this reason. Who reads an article full of repetitive sentences and is certain to belong?

Let’s think of the opposite scenario. Your content doesn’t need to be more than 5,000 words. Because if you write a little more, your article will become a book. Just keep this in an article form.

Using Titles Correctly

Another requirement to write an article that can be friendly for SEO is that you use your titles correctly. Please feel free to use the title. But the titles you use should be able to follow each other. Besides, the words you use in page titles must contain keywords. Search engines like Google and Yandex are smart enough to review the titles on the page where your article is located. If you configure your titles properly, readers will find the information they’re looking for, more comfortably. And the more attention your titles attract, the more satisfying your articles will satisfy readers.

Correct Keywords for SEO Friendly Articles

Correct Keyword Selection

Are you having trouble choosing your keywords? There are many ways to solve this problem, you can start by getting help from Google Adwords and identifying how much words are searched. Just write “Keyword planner” to Google. Remember, the less the competition for your keyword, the more likely your article will rise to the top of the search engines.

You can also attract different types of searches to your website by trying to find keywords that can mean the same as competing keywords. You’ll have a lot more visitors with keywords that are high in authenticity. When you type your keyword to Google for alternate keywords, you can see other searches at the bottom of the page.

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Another way to reduce competition is to extend your keyword. This will give search engines less results, and your website will be higher.

Keyword’s Importance in An SEO Friendly Article

You created your keyword. Now next step is to convert your keyword into a standout form in your article. You can do this by thickening and highlighting your keyword with a different font. 

Let’s think about it. What search engine optimization wants is for your content to top the search results. What search engines want is that the websites that users want to reach are at the top of the list. In this case, you’ll be hit by two birds with one stone by thickening your keyword.

Image Configuration for SEO

Image Configuration

It is undeniable that attracting users is the most fundamental thing to make an article popular. Another thing you can do to achieve this is, of course, using visuals. SEO has a very simple logic in this regard. If your article is of interest, it is SEO friendly. Having at least one picture in your writing will make them more flamboyant, along with a few rules that must be followed.

  • The title of the image must match the keyword so that the picture you choose can meet the necessary criteria.
  • Search engines have set the criteria for using a picture subtag for SEO compliance. For example, in WordPress, if you want to sublabel your image, you must fill in the alternate text section. When you fill in this section, your image automatically becomes a subtag.

Page Link

There’s something more as important as the title and description text of your page: the link to your page. You used your keyword in the title and description section for search results. Besides, the link to your web page should contain keywords. This fact is very important for SEO. For example, it is not difficult to create SEO-matching links with the “persistent links” setting in WordPress.

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Link to Other Blog Posts and Resources

We can say that search engines will love you if you provide links to authorized and reliable websites and blogs. For example, if you link to Wikipedia in your article, your users will get the perception that your article is useful, find what they’re looking for, and they’ll trust you. Search engines will also scan every page on your website and create an accurate sitemap.


What is an SEO Friendly Article?

Quality and accurate articles that enable websites to rank top in search engines by user-oriented conditions are SEO-compatible articles.

What is the First Step to Writing SEO Friendly Articles?

You should do a detailed research in the area where you will write as the first step. You need to determine what’s curious about your subject and how the curious subjects are searched in search engines.

What Happens If The Articles Are Not SEO Friendly?

If you want the articles you write to reach large audiences, it must be compatible with SEO. Articles that are not compatible with SEO fall into the bottom of the day in search engines, which leads you to failure.


In this article, we have given tips onĀ how to write an SEO friendly article. Everything is user-oriented in digital media. If you have original articles that will benefit users and interest them, this will take you to the top of the search engines. If you correctly identify and use your keyword correctly, your article will be seamless. As long as your article meets the criteria, it’s not impossible to get to the forefront of this digital competition.

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