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How to Write a Recommendation on LinkedIn?

One of the good features of LinkedIn is that you can raise your reliability. LinkedIn gives a chance to its users to demonstrate their skills and qualifications. When you complete your LinkedIn profile, people can give endorsements and write recommendation letters for your profile. Therefore, your experiences become more reliable. If you don’t know how to write a recommendation on LinkedIn, we will help you get acquainted with the subject.

How to Get a Recommendation Letter?

LinkedIn has a feature that asks your communications to write you a recommendation letter. Your connection may be your employer, employee, or any co-worker you worked with. Here are the steps for you!

  1. First, you should decide whom you will ask for a recommendation letter. Write their names into the search box, which is at the top of the page.
  2. When you enter the profile, at the top, you will see three dots.
  3. In this section, there are different options. You should select the option that says, “Request a Recommendation.”
  4. Now, two questions that should be answered by you will pop up. The first question is about your working relationship with the recommender.
  5. After you answered the question, you may answer the second one. It wants you to state your position at the time you worked with the recommender.
  6. Then, you can click the “Next” button. Now you will see a message box. You can write the things that you want to forward to your recommender.
Write a LinkedIn Recommendation

Writing a Recommendation Letter on LinkedIn

There are two ways of writing someone a recommendation letter. First, you may want to write a recommendation for a certain person. Second, you may receive a recommendation letter request from someone you work with.

  1. If you want to send a recommendation letter to one of your connections, you should first enter their profile. The three dots on the profile is the button you should click to. You will see the options listed, and one of them is a button named “Recommend.” As in the previous part of the article, you should explain the relationship between you and your connection. After that, you will fill the part that asks about your position at the time. Then, you may write your letter and click the “Send” button.
  2. If someone asked you to write a recommendation for their LinkedIn profile, you will receive a notification. It will be in the section of recommendation requests. After you examine the request, you may choose to click “Write Recommendation” to write the letter, or if you do not want to write the letter, you may click the “Ignore” button.
Recommendations on LinkedIn

Concluding LinkedIn Recommendations

In this article, we gave solutions for some troubles that you may face about recommendations on LinkedIn. We have included the necessary steps to write a LinkedIn recommendation. Hope they would be helpful! If you want to learn more about LinkedIn, you may also like our article about how to write a good LinkedIn summary.

Frequently Asked Questions About

First, you should click the messages button and review the recommendation. Then, you will see options as “Add to Profile”, “Dismiss”, and “Ask for Revision”. Now, you may choose the “Ask for Revision” option for changing.

To inform you, when you delete your recommendation, the person who receives the letter won’t get a notification. To remove the recommendation, you should go to the recommendations page placed in your profile. Then, click the edit button in the “Given” place. You will see your recommendations on this page and click the “Delete” button near the recommendation letter that you want to remove. After you approve the act, your letter will be deleted.

If you want to remove a recommendation from your profile, you need to enter the recommendation page again, as given in the previous answer. There are two parts of the recommendations page. The ones that you received stay in the “Received” part of the page. On the editing part, you’ll see two options named “Show” and “Hide.” For removing the recommendation from your profile, you can click the “Hide” button.

There might be three possibilities. Maybe the recommender deleted the letter, maybe you hid it, and maybe the recommender deleted their accounts. In these three cases, your recommendations don’t seem.

In this case, as given in the previous answers, you should enter the recommendations page on your profile. On the “Given” part of the page, there is an “Edit” button. Then, click the “Revise” button for the letter that you want to change. After revising, click the “Send” button.

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    From now on, I always asked others to write a recommendation on LinkedIn for me, but now it’s my turn. Thanks for the explanation.