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How to Write a Professional LinkedIn Headline

You try to make your LinkedIn profile more visible but don’t know where to start? You need to write a professional LinkedIn headline, but not sure how? Starting with writing a professional headline may help you. Your headline is one of the most appealing parts of your profile, and if it is well-written, it can change people’s decisions in the right way.  A headline is where LinkedIn users can express what they do in 120 characters (or less). It directs people to click on your profile and more about your background.

Also, headlines build-up and optimize LinkedIn‘s search algorithm. They are significant while talking about the search algorithm. It decides which profiles are the most relevant to the searcher’s preferences. You can use the headlines for your own benefit. If you have an optimized headline, you will have more chances to appear on search results. If you appear more on LinkedIn searches, more people will view your profile, and it will increase your chances to take advantage of more opportunities. Here, you can find useful clues for writing effective headlines for LinkedIn and a few examples to go through. 

advice on writing an effective headline

Advice on Writing an Effective Headline

Using a customized LinkedIn headline would be the best option rather than using a default LinkedIn headline for the one wanting to increase his/her interactions. To achieve this, you can follow these steps:

  • Choose your audience.
  • Introduce your values.
  • Do not use too much terminology. 
  • Do not exaggerate your features. 

We will extend those steps in this section.

Integrate it With Your Audience

If you work in sales, you may be familiar with the job titles like OSR, ISR, etc. However, your potential clients/visitors would barely understand what you mean. These all mean “sales professional,” but almost no one outside sales can understand that.

When you look for a LinkedIn job, you should always include your audience in your field and use simple descriptions. Any visitor could understand what your job title is or for which position you are looking. If you are a sales rep, you should mention this in your headline, not another position or title. Use the titles which your audience can understand. If you mention “sales” on your LinkedIn headline, you will appear more in search results, and as a result, more prospects would contact you. 

Introduce Your Values

Using general titles may sound a little boring. Also, they will not show your values. You can use the next part of your LinkedIn headline to define your values and what you do to improve your clients’ well-being. 

For example, you sell an automated software system for tracking parcels. You can use “Sales Associate: Help saving companies’ time and effort by providing automated parcel tracker.” If you don’t have any ideas defining your values, you can derive them from your company’s values. 

do not use too much terminology

Do Not Use Too Much Terminology

It would be best if you considered your prospects as they have basic knowledge of your field. So, you should avoid using too much terminology or job-specific jargon. It will not sound significant if your visitors/clients do not understand what you mention, even if your headline is well-written. 

There is always an advantage to describe things more simply. However, it may not be easy for you to think simpler. If you struggle with this, you can ask someone to read and if they understood what you wrote, or you can reread the previous emails from clients to see how they described themselves. 

Do Not Exaggerate Your Features

Try to be reliable while defining your features. If you exaggerate yourself, you may lose your audience’s trust. As a result, you may exclude some adjectives like an expert, top-performing, dedicated, or best from your profile. 

Even though one or more adjectives apply to you, you may sound arrogant, and employers may lose their interest in you while job searching. 

Common Mistakes in LinkedIn Headlines

Preparing a professional LinkedIn headline can be challenging. It requires a lot of hard work, and you need to know how to express yourself in the best way possible. There are mistakes that people commonly make. Here are some of them to keep your LinkedIn headline mistake-free.

Letting LinkedIn Choose Your Headline

This is one of the most basic mistakes. You need to always go for the customized headlines as they must be uniquely about you. So, do not let the easiness of digitally generated generic tests fool you and try to work for your own LinkedIn headline. Indeed, you will get better results!

Talking About Yourself

When you write a professional LinkedIn headline it is important not to talk about yourself personally. Mostly, people talk about themselves when they are preparing their LinkedIn headlines. Remember, those headlines are to show what you can do for the company you will work for. Try to reduce the “I” sentences and focus on the company’s benefits when they hire you. 

Screaming / Caps Usage

Avoid using caps while writing a headline. That is the equivalent of yelling at someone you do not know at a cafe. Yes, you might think you look enthusiastic, but it is usually the other way around, and you will scare off the people who look at your LinkedIn page. Headlines will give first impressions about you and your skills. Don’t ruin it by yelling at your potential boss. 

professional linkedin headline examples

Professional LinkedIn Headline Examples

If you are searching for LinkedIn headline ideasyou can look at these examples:

  • Project Manager: Completed $5M+ budgeted project and brought it to high standards over 8 years. 
  • Data Scientist: Looking for new experiences and opportunities in Data Science.
  • Sales Management Specialist: Bringing the sales team performance to higher levels
  • Social Media Editor: Creative Marketer Helping Find New Branding Statements and increase interactions

Conclusion on Writing a Professional LinkedIn Headline

This article showed you how to write a professional LinkedIn headline and what a headline is and its importance, how to write effective headlines, and provided a few examples.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Your professional LinkedIn headline is placed just below your name. It is shown when you appear in search results or when people look at your profile. 

It is better to focus on your goals and values to define yourself rather than focusing on your unemployment status. You can think of what you would use to describe yourself effectively and attract employers’ attention. 

If you want to define yourself as a freelancer, you can briefly mention your previous works or positions. It is the key to get hired for all job types. 

As mentioned above, you can follow steps for writing an effective headline and look at the examples. However, if you are looking for more clues, you can consider these:
– Using numbers is more effective than writing. Always use numbers to emphasize their importance. 
– You may use phrases instead of full sentences. 
– You should highlight your key responsibilities if you have previous experience. 

Professional headlines help you get recruiters’ interest and have more chances to be hired. If you use some common keywords in your headline, your profile will be more appealing, and as a result, you will have more viewers/visitors. 

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  1. Morgan Petersen
    Morgan Petersen

    A professional LinkedIn headline can be a powerful tool for building your personal brand and increasing your visibility on the platform. In this blog post, you provide tips on how to craft an effective headline that will help you stand out from the crowd and get noticed by recruiters and potential employers. And you cover topics such as keyword optimization, creating a compelling message, and leveraging your unique skills and experiences. By following these steps, I think anyone will be able to create a headline that will help them make a lasting impression on the LinkedIn community.