How to Write a Press Release (& Checklist)

How to Write a Press Release (& Checklist)

A press release, also commonly called news announcement or news release is an official statement from an organization, brand, or business issued to the news media or social media platforms. It is generally used to announce events, partnerships, product launches, new employees, or anything else that is considered newsworthy. Press releases are aimed to distribute the new information to the public in the most comprehensive yet the simplest way possible.

While there are minor differences to issue a news release in compliance with its specific reason, it is necessary to include who, what, why, when, where, and how of the new information in an objective way.

You may use the press releases to promote your e-commerce site. If you work with a PR agency, they may prepare your press releases. They also may send a press release to the relevant publishers. However, if you’re not working with a PR agency, you may prepare your own press releases. 

Press releases are one of the important communication tools used from past to present. These texts are an essential part of the traditional media. However, press releases have changed form with the inclusion of digital media in our lives. Basically, the way these texts are prepared, the message they convey, and the main template haven’t changed. What is a press release? What do the press releases do?

  • Like other types of literature, it has a discipline within itself.
  • They contain the subject they want to express as a direct message.
  • They’re published to announce the developments about the institution or organization to the target audiences.
  • It is a text work that may represent the image of institutions and organizations.

The contents of the press releases are as follows:

  • News release
  • Information about the company (Such as contact information)
  • Product introduction
  • Evaluation message
  • Interview

Companies may prepare press releases in many different styles, such as these.

what do you need to mention in the press release

What Do You Need to Mention in the Press Release?

There are several rules that you should pay attention to when writing a release. It is useful to follow these rules and prepare your release in this way. If you do these, you will make the release you prepared to become more remarkable. In this way, you may manage to attract the attention of editors in publishers. Thus, they may include your press releases in their publications. Before preparing a perfect release, you must know which topics you should include. Here is the list of topics you need to mention in a release:


You must inform the other party who the release is from. You must clearly state who this news is about.


What’s new in this press release?


Why is this release is important? Is this release newsworthy? If so, why?


Which cities does this news cover? Who are these news targeting as a location?


Is this news valid until a certain date? Is there a certain time limit for the announcement?

How to Write a Press Release: The Checklist

Aside from these vital pieces of information, a well-written press release and its paragraphs should feature the following characteristics:


Whichever subject your press release is about; you should use the most striking detail about it in your title. This topic might be a campaign, announcement, investment, or news. Editors receive dozens of press releases during the day. Among them, your press release needs this striking headline to make a difference. Including remarkable statements makes your press release stand out from other releases. 


Paragraphing is the most critical attribute of press releases as they are the building blocks of writing. Many people mistakenly define a paragraph by its length, but the coherence of statements among sentences is what makes a paragraph. Paragraphs on press releases should deliver different information about the news.

Include Important Information in the First Paragraph

Even if you manage to attract attention with your title, that is not enough. You must also have your press release read. To provide this, give all your important information about the press release in the first paragraph. If it’s a campaign announcement, specify the details and time frame of this campaign in this section. If it’s investment news, share how much the investment. Also, share the institution that invested in the first paragraph. You may share the details of the subject in the subsections of the press release. The purpose for you to provide this information in the first paragraph is to ensure that the person reading the press release gets as much information as possible on the subject.

The Intro

Initial paragraph of the press release should contain the answers to who, what, why, when, where, and how of the information mentioned above. Besides this information, the intro paragraph should get to the main point immediately and mention the key takeaways as a summary included in the news release.

The Body

The second and third paragraphs of the press release should expand the first paragraph’s key points. It is possible to add the fourth paragraph if it is necessary. They should deliver compelling parts of the story in detail while keeping it concise. The break between paragraphs should be clean, with a natural flow between them.

The End

While concluding the press release, it is important, to sum up, the key point with as few words as possible. It is also possible to add call-to-action phrases, endorsements, or other sources to get relevant information into the concluding paragraph.

create an engaging headline

Create an Engaging Headline

An attention-grabbing yet on-point headline for readers and journalists is essential for press releases. The headline might include the business’s name and should be less than 160 characters or 12 words.

Choose the Correct Language

Using the right and objective language is one of the most crucial attributes while writing a news release. The language should also comply with the qualities of statements, e.g., if it is a new product or service launch, it is fine to use a more energetic and intriguing language.

Support Your Business

Press releases are likely to be featured on third-party sites and social media platforms. Therefore, it is smart to include a couple of factual statements about your business or brand. 

Use Relevant Quotes

Relevant quotes from prominent figures, managers, employees, or customers can be a great way to strengthen the statements included in the press release. However, quotes are there to provide insight, not unnecessary information.

include contact information press release

Include Contact Information

Most press releases are made to attract media or customer attention, so it is vital to include the business’s contact details. Full contact information, including email address and phone number, can be placed after the conclusion paragraph.

Watch the Length

Some companies are eager to include as much information as possible about their good deeds into press releases, but they should avoid doing that. Press releases are about the news and other supporting statements, so they should stay concise and on topic.

Include a Boilerplate Text

A boilerplate text is the standardized text of a business that can give an outline of its history, memberships, products, services, clients, awards, purpose, and many more. Boilerplate texts of companies are reused and useful for readers or journalists to acquire additional background information. It is possible to include the boilerplate text at the end of the page.

Additional Tips about How to Write a Press Release

You can also consider editing your press release according to the tips below:

  • Write no longer than one page.
  • Keep it information-centered instead of advertising.
  • Stick to professional language and avoid using informal forms of words.
  • Check for typos several times.
  • Do not overuse adjectives.
  • Avoid using too many industry-related words.

FAQ About Press Release

What is the main purpose of press releases?

A press release’s main aim is to announce something new and significant to the public through news outlets or social media. It can also be used for marketing and promotional purposes.

Do press releases worth writing?

Yes, press releases are still essential to organizations for varying purposes. Today, the most important functions of press releases are to increase media attention and improve the digital presence of the organization. A concise and well-distributed press release can achieve both of them. 

How long should a press release be?

A press release should be about 300-500 words since they are written to inform the public about new development, so a good and concise news release should not be long. 

Where do you send press releases?

Distribution of press releases is as important as the writing process behind it. It is possible to contact journalists, news outlets and paid distributing services to make your press release visible. Social media platforms are also important to publish a press release.

Can you send an image with a press release?

It is recommended to add relevant and preferred images while sending a press release as most of its visibility will be coming from digital mediums. This way, you can control the publishing environment of the press release.

How to Write a Press Release in Short

This article covered what a press release is, how to write a press release and the main features of a well-written one. While writing a news release, it is important to keep in mind that news releases are official statements and should be written professionally. Although a press release is about informing the public and media, it can also be used for promotional purposes. The appropriate use and tone of the language are essential; it should be concise and stay relevant without distracting the reader. You can also check our Daily Tips blog for other topics and guides.

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