How to Write a Memo

How to Write a Memo

The word memo is short for memorandum. A memo is used to inform the team about innovations in a project or to inform a specific group in a company. It is based on a reminder. In your business, you will probably have to inform your staff frequently; writing a memo is one of the most widely used and fastest forms of business communication, so you have to know how to write a memo. Let’s learn how to write a memo together.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Writing a Memo?

  • Since memos are often used in business communications, you should write very clearly.
  • The information you provide in the content of the memo should be understandable by everyone.
  • Since the content is business-related, you should share memos with people as quickly as possible.
  • You should check the grammatical rules in the memo you wrote.
  • Choose fonts that are easy to read as you type the memo. Times New Roman, for example.
  • The subject of the memo should be the kind to get people to action.
  • While composing your article, be careful to keep the text short. Thus, you don’t waste people’s time unnecessarily, and they will start to do the job you demand from them more quickly.
  • If your note is longer than a page, divide your note using headings to make it clearer.
Format of a Memo

What Is the Format of a Memo?

Everybody can write a memo, however, it takes more than just a piece of content. You need to present it the best way you can. This is where the right format comes into play.


In your title, the word memorandum must be mentioned so that people who will read your memo know what it is. You can write this in bigger and bold letters to get people’s attention.


Since a memo is a formal form of business communication, you should appropriately address the recipient. Use the full name and title of the person you sent the note to.


Add additional recipients to your note. The people you add to the Cc are not the people with whom you directly shared your memo, but only the people you want to be aware of this subject.


You must write your full name and title on this line.


You must add the exact date on this line. For example; 05.06.2021


The Subject line informs the reader of the memo what the memo is about. You should be specific and clear when writing a subject.

Important Note

When creating your title, make sure to leave 2 lines of space between sections and align the text.

Remember who your target audience is. Keeping this in mind allows you to adjust the note’s length and formality level for people to read and respond to the memo while writing the memo.

Try to anticipate what your target audience might be curious about after reading the memo and respond to them in your memo. Provide examples and information that support the content in your memo.nYou can skip the official greeting on your memo. Instead, log in to the topic.

Opening Paragraph

In the first paragraph, you must indicate the purpose of your grade. Tell your target audience about the problem. Be clear about what you want them to do about it. The first paragraph is a summary of the entire text. You should write it down briefly and convey only the necessary information. You may start the sentence with “I am writing to inform you about…”

Summarize what people have to do in the discussion segment. Explain logically what you think they should do to fix the problem. Tell your audience about the benefits they will get if they solve the problem this way. If you think your grade is too long, you can add graphics, lists, and charts to your notes.

Closing Paragraph

In the closing paragraph, suggest what your target audience should do. For example, “All employees should know that …”

Final Paragraph

Close the memo with a summary that will motivate your employees. In the last paragraph of the memo, the content problem should be briefly discussed again. The closing part usually consists of one or two sentences.

When finalizing your note, you must make sure that you format it correctly. It should also make your note easy to read and leave 2.54 cm space on the left, right, and bottom edges.

Do a final check to make sure your note is clear, crisp, and free from errors. Check if you have grammar and content errors. It is also very important that names, dates, and numbers are accurate.

When writing your memo, instead of writing a note from scratch, you can use a template. These templates are available in Microsoft Word. You can choose the most suitable template for you among these different templates.

Tips for Business Memos

Tips for Business Memos

Here are some tips for you to write better business memos. Once you follow these instructions and practice a few times you will become an expert in writing business memos.

Shape Your Memo to Your Target Audience

Always consider the target audience and their needs. Write your memo in a way that your target audience can understand because the general purpose of memos is to be clear.

Stating the Subject Clearly

You should be very descriptive when stating the subject of your memo. For example, if a vacation is mentioned, don’t just write about it and state what vacation it is.


Never add your personal prejudices when writing a memo. Avoid subjectivity as much as possible. Include only facts and objective information.

Memo Examples

To: All employees

From: Jonathon Smith

Date: 11.11.2021

Subject: Carol’s Wedding

I am writing to inform you of Carol Anderson’s wedding on 12.12.2021. She would like to see all of you in there.

The wedding venue will be notified to us within a week, and I will deliver it to you when notified.

I expect everyone available that day to attend.

Write a Memo

FAQ on How to Write a Memo

What should be in the content of the memo?

The content of the memo should include purpose, summary, discussion and conclusion.

What are the parts of the memo?

Heading segment> Opening segment> Context> Task segment> Summary segment> Discussion segment> Closing segment.

What language should I use when writing a memo?

Since memos are used in business relationships, you should write in a formal language.

Should I sign the memo?

Memos do not have a signature line. If you write your initials next to your name instead, it indicates that you approve of this memo.

How should the closing segment of the memo be?

In the closing segment, you must clearly indicate the work you want the reader to do.

Conclusion on How to Write a Memo

In this article, we explained how you can write a memo and what you should pay attention to. We assume that you might also consider writing a better LinkedIn summary, which will help solidify your network connections.

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