How to Write A Killer Instagram Bio (Updated – 2020)

How to Write A Killer Instagram Bio (Updated – 2020)

The accounts we open in social media accounts are not just entertainment purposes. It is used in many different ways and it is also useful in business life. Even if the area where we write profile biography  at Instagram is 150 characters, it is enough for you to introduce yourself and give your followers the message you want.

In Instagram bio, you can write your website’s link, ad slogan, company address, product information and decorate it with a variety of colorful icons. Instagram Bio is the most remarkable place. In this article we’ll describe how to write a killer Instagram Bio and how to give impressive messages to your followers

Why Instagram Bio Is Important?

The first area that visitors to your Instagram profile look at is the Instagram Bio section. The more interesting and impressive this section is, the more likely the visitor will be able to follow your profile. The message you write in the bio reflects your profile. You must write clearly and clearly the message you want to convey.

You only have a few seconds to impress the visitor. During this time, the visitor will either follow up your profile or leave your profile page. You can use the bio feature in 2 different ways. You can earn more followers by giving detailed information about your profile. Or you can use it to advertise.

Even if the visitor does not follow you, he will see the advertisement message in bio. The bio message can be seen even if your profile is private profile.

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Instagram Bio

Pros of Excellent Instagram Bios

Writing a killer Instagram Bio has a lot of pros:

  • You can promote the product or redirect it to your website by adding a link
  • By typing your phone number, you can have visitors call you.
  • You can add different promotions by updating your Instagram Bio at certain times.
  • You can add a variety of emoticons and present your message more effectively.

The most important way to drive traffic to your Instagram profile is to prepare the Bio part correctly and impressively. The simple Bio has a negative impact on visitors and reduces the number of followers. Do not write too much mixed detail. Give short, clear and colorful messages.

Instagram Bio

How to Add Link to Your Instagram Bio

According to a survey, at least 50% of website traffic is made up of social media visitors. One of the best ways to get traffic from social media to website is to use the Instagram bio correctly. The link to add to the profile is visible to your followers and all visitors. They can visit your website by clicking on the link you added. With that way, you get thousands of visitors.

You must write your URL with HTTP. if you type in the form, the link is not clicked. If you add http to the beginning, your link can be clicked and your website can be visited. We recommend that you pay attention to this detail.

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