How to Write a Cover Letter? (+5 Key Points)

How to Write a Cover Letter? (+5 Key Points)

The cover letters have great importance in job applications. In the job application process, an impressive cover letter that is prepared correctly can make people one step ahead of their competitors. Nowadays, it is advantageous for you to pay attention to the cover letter because many companies evaluate the applications made with the cover letter. Explaining your skills and successes at appropriate locations in the cover letter plays an essential role in the job search process. Many companies only evaluate applications made with a cover letter. Considering this, if you send a properly prepared cover letter and your CV to the company you are applying for, your first impression will be quite good, and this will take you one step further. So, let’s see how to write a cover letter.

What Is a Cover Letter?

The cover letter is a document that you send with your CV to provide additional information about your skills, experience, and you. The cover letter is written to make a good impression on the person who will review it and thus increase your chances of getting the job. 

Sending a cover letter with your CV is necessary as it will cause the company you are applying to think positively about you. Employers think more positively about the people who add a cover letter to their application because this is a behavior that shows that you are making more effort and paying more attention than the people who do not add a cover letter. 

Employers can sometimes even use cover letters to eliminate people in job applications quickly. Even if the company you applied for the job did not specifically request a cover letter, we still think it will be useful for you to add one.

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Things to Consider for Cover Letter

5 Things to Consider When Writing a Cover Letter

Since the cover letter is a formal thing, be careful when writing it. You are writing a letter that convinces you that you are the right person for the job you have applied, so you should pay attention to spelling rules, you should be original and should not copy another cover letter. If you do not follow such rules, you will be unlikely to get that job because these are the main things that departments pay attention to.

Do Research About the Company

Before writing a cover letter, you should research exactly how and what kind of company you are writing this letter to. You should be prepared in advance by researching the company and position you are applying for. Researching the company in advance will give you plenty of tips about the company. So you should check the company’s website, if there is any news about the company, you should check the relevant news and the company’s social media accounts. All of this will allow you to learn about the company and write the cover letter in a correct and influential way. After researching, you can blend all the information you have acquired and add it to your cover letter.

Introduce Yourself Well

You should talk about yourself, your talents, and your experiences. How suitable are you for the position you are applying for, and have you had experience in this position before? Your answers to these questions will show your suitability for the job. If you have a reference, it will be a great advantage for you to indicate it. If you do not have a reference, you do not have to worry because if you describe your skills, personality, and working style well enough, this will be enough for them to hire you. You need to explain well what kind of benefit you will give to this company.

Don’t Repeat the Information on Your CV

One of the things that you should pay attention to while writing a cover letter is not to repeat the information on your CV. Of course, you should introduce yourself, talk about your experiences and talents, but you should not repeat the same information again and again. Employers will not want to waste time reading the same thing many times, and they will also think that you have prepared a sloppy cover letter when they encounter something like this. You should be careful not to repeat the same thing with the same sentences, but you should also make sure that the information you provide in the cover letter is compatible with the information in your CV. The difference in the information in your cover letter and CV may confuse the department and thus cause you to be eliminated.

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Pay Attention to the Format 

The cover letter you write must be clear and concise. When writing your cover letter, you should pay attention to which font you will use. At this point, avoid excessiveness and simplicity, choosing a formal font will be risk-free for you. You should use a single font because using different fonts can be distracting. Remember that there are a lot of people who apply to this job like you, so stay away from making very long sentences. Write a short, clear, and striking cover letter. 

Finish Your Last Words Effectively and Check Your Letter Before Submitting It

Even if you have written all of your paragraphs perfectly, you cannot create the effect you want if you do not finish your letter effectively. And if you couldn’t make an impact in the last paragraph, your cover letter wouldn’t be a successful one, so make sure you made an effective finish in the last paragraph. If you think you have done all this and are ready to send your letter, we do not recommend it immediately because you should check it out first. Read the article you wrote thoroughly, make sure it is not too long. Also, make sure you make a respectful entry and closing at the beginning and end of your cover letter.


Is it necessary to send a cover letter when applying for a job?

This is not a must, but most employers today ask for a cover letter with your CV when you apply for a job. Even if they do not have such requests, it will make sense to write a cover letter to increase your chances of getting the job.

How long should a cover letter be?

Cover letters should not be too long because employers request short and concise information from you. Therefore, it would be sufficient to write a cover letter consisting of three paragraphs and certainly does not exceed one page.

How should I address when writing a cover letter?

It is usually possible to find the name and information of the company you are applying for on the Internet. But if you cannot access this information, you can start your writing directly with the company name.

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Today we told you how to write a successful cover letter. If you have applied for a job before, you probably heard what the cover letter means. Even if some people do not care about the cover letter, the cover letter is crucial for companies. It is essential to send a cover letter if you want to guarantee yourself. Of course, it is equally important that the cover letter you wrote is correctly written. We hope you have understood how to write a cover letter with this article and you will send a cover letter in your future job applications. Remember, the cover letters are at least as important as the CVs today.

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