How to Write a Check? (Step by Step Guide)

How to Write a Check? (Step by Step Guide)

Checks, which are frequently used in commercial life, are crucial documents that new entrepreneurs can use to arrange their payments. Writing a check is an important issue because a wrongly filled check can cause significant problems. You may not have filled a check before, and writing a check may confuse you. Filling out a check is actually quite easy, and we will tell you how to fill out a check correctly. So let’s see how to write a check in detail.

How to Fill Out a Check

How to Fill Out a Check

When writing a check, you need to go step by step. Thus, you will not be confused while writing the check, and you will not miss any point. Let’s take a look at what the empty spaces on a check mean and start filling them in step by step.

Fill the date in Your Check

In the upper right corner of all checks, there is an area to fill the date. It is essential to fill in the date information here correctly. Because the person or bank you have written the check needs this date information. Usually, you have to write the date you filled this check. It is crucial not to make mistakes when writing a check. So be sure to write the correct day, month, and year.

Write the Recipient of Your Check in the Payee Part

The next step after filling in the date of your check is to fill in the information of the payee. Usually, a person’s name or a business’s name is written in this section. Add the recipient’s name in the space next to Pay To or Pay To the Order Of section. It will be better for you to write the full name of the person or institution to which you are writing this check. If you are not sure of the information of the check’s recipient or cannot remember it, make sure that this information is correct just before writing the check.

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Write the Payment Amount in Numbers 

After entering the information of the check recipient, you must write the check payment amount in numbers. We specifically state that you need to write in numbers. Because, in a check, there are two parts where you write the amount you will pay. First, you need to start with the numbers. Usually, in the checks, there is an empty box with a dollar sign to the right of the box where you fill the payee part. You need to fill the amount you will pay them in this empty box. You just need to write down the amount you will pay in the box next to the dollar sign. Make sure to properly place the numbers in the box and write the exact amount. This way the banks can understand this amount correctly. Also, you do not need to add a dollar sign in addition.

Write the Payment Amount in Words

We mentioned that you can write the payment amount in a check in two ways. Now we are in the section where you need to write the amount in words, not in numbers. The part where you will write the amount in words is usually at the bottom of the space where you type the name of the payee. There is a section on the checks asking you to express the amount in words for the second time. It is for the cases if there is a problem in reading the numbers you have written. Words are usually more important than numbers. Because in confusion, that is, when words and numbers are different, banks are often based on words.

So we can say that writing the amount a second time in words is both for control and for your safety. Therefore, be careful to write the words clearly because this is very important for a bank to pay correctly. To ensure your security, you can draw a line to the rest of the space after you type the amount, so no one can add words and make changes later.

Fill the Memo Part (It Is Optional)

The memo part is a part where the reason for writing this check is filled in on demand. Usually, people fill out this section to remember later on why they made this payment. However, we suggest you fill this section even if it is optional because filling the memo section will help you to follow up on your expenses later. For example, you can specify whether you made this payment for your rent or bills. Remember that reporting and knowing why you write this check helps both sides.

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Sign the Check

As the last step, you need to sign your check. There is a signature section in the lower right corners of the checks, and you need to sign your signature there. This step is the most simple but most important step because if you forget to sign your check, your check will be void. If there is an error in the amount or another part of your check, the check may still be processed.

In the absence of a signature, the situation will not be the same. The lack of signatures will prevent your bank from processing the check, which can put you in a more costly process because you may need to deal with issues such as a returned check and a delay fee. It is worth saying that after you make sure that everything is correct and complete, you should add your signature. After checking the information on your check, signing your check will protect you from having to deal with other problems later.


What type of pen should I use when writing a check?

You should definitely use a pen with permanent ink. Using an erasable pen allows the information you write to be changed later by someone else, so it is also useful to use a ballpoint pen.

What happens if I make a mistake while writing a check?

A mistake you have made while writing a check may prevent the check from being processed, which may cost you more. Because in such cases, you may need to pay costs such as returned check and delay fees.

What can I use as an alternative to the check?

There are many alternatives you can use instead of checks. You can pay cash, use a bank or credit card, or make your invoices and payments electronically via the electronic bill payment system.


Even if we do not use checks as much as before, checks are still used today. In our article, we have emphasized many times that you should be careful when writing checks and not to make mistakes when writing them. With this article, we hope you have learned to write checks in detail because it would be useful for you to know how to write checks on financial matters. Remember, knowing how to write a check will not only help you, it will also help you to understand whether a check is fake or if it is written correctly.

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