How to Win Friends and be Natural About It?

How to Win Friends and be Natural About It?

We live in a time when people feel more alone than they’ve ever been. It’s like we’ve lost some of the values as humanity. Fidelity, mercy, help, kindness… These concepts seem to have entered and disappeared into a black hole. Nobody’s trying to understand anyone, they don’t even try it. Everyone’s judging everyone without questioning. We’ve become a community that lacks empathy. This corruption has turned us all into lonely souls in the crowds. We’re crowded, we’re getting more and more crowded, but we’re alone. What we need is real friends around us, so we have to know how to win friends

Although the widespread spread of technology and social media has a positive effect on communication, most people do not feel very good psychologically. Everyone’s struggling to be the chosen one. They have one purpose: to be seen. Achieving this goal is the only wish of most people. But everyone is so convinced that it’s ordinary… No one is aware of how original and special it is as an individual. In this article, we want to instill this awareness a little bit for you.

It’s time to break down the phrase “I’m a lonely girl in a lonely world.” Don’t you want to have an audience that knows, loves you, and can look forward to being friends with you, and to take your friendship relationships to a better level? Everybody wants that. No one came into this world to live alone and misunderstood. If we agree on that, let’s start with this question. How to win friends and influence people?

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 Feel Like a Super Hero

It all starts with self-worth! Let’s play a game. You are responsible for all the events in the outside world today. Get out of your house and take a walk. Walk as an ordinary person as you walk. What about your inner world? You’re a superhero today. Hold yourself accountable for everything that’s going on in the streets. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? Don’t worry about it. Maybe you’ll get tired mentally, but there’s nothing you’re going to lose. It’s just the beginning.

How to be friends


A smiling person looks like the sun. We don’t even need to talk about the light and the beautiful energies you’re going to smiles around. In a world where everything begins with a smile, you will also be smiling and adding many new pages to your life.


It’s a strategy, and we call it a mirror effect. The goal is to masterfully imitate other people’s behavior. Do you realize we’re still playing games? All you have to do is try to “copy” the movements and gestures of the person you’re talking to. Let’s look at this scientifically. In 1999, a study was conducted at New York University. According to the study, it was a “chameleon effect” for people to unwittingly repeat each other’s behavior. The researchers documented it and explained that imitation provides more likes. Of course, no one wants you to lose themselves while imitating. The goal here is to make the person in front of you think you have similar characteristics and win friends.

Write a Blog

We don’t think your thoughts are simple and worthless. Don’t laugh, you’re aware of that. People don’t feel worthless at every moment of their lives. Everyone has ideologies that they find valuable to themselves. So how does the idea of sharing them with an audience come to you? Writing a blog is a step that will help you. If you write what you have in mind as if you’re going to read hundreds of thousands of people, you’ll win. After all, you’re kind of reading this advice from a blog, aren’t you?

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Spend Time Together

According to one study, people tend to get closer to the person they know. This research was done by MIT in the 1950s. According to MIT, students living in nearby houses were more likely to be friends than students whose homes were far from each other. You feel closer to the person you spend time together. Of course, just because you’re living close to each other, you don’t have to deal with that person as well. Just keep in mind, but it is a good way to win friends.

Grow Your Heart

How much do you know what’s going on around you? Nowadays, people don’t even visit their old parents anymore. Turn your perceptions on a little bit. Deal with the problems in your own country and around the world. You’re very lucky. Some so many people have to fight worse conditions than you! We’re sure you’ll feel their pain. The more you take care of your environment and the world, the more you can do something, and you’re going to want to help. The size of the aid doesn’t matter. There are millions of people who will pray to you for an initiative that you see as small. Also, there can be no more meaningful and sublime behavior to be an inspiration.

Make Compliments

Everyone in life needs to hear beautiful words and feel good. Isn’t that what you want? Then you should start emitting beautiful energies around you to get what you want. According to one study, the adjectives you use to characterize others give clues to your personality. This theory was listed as a “spontaneous feature transfer” on the record. For example, if you describe someone as kind, charming, or noble, you have these characteristics. That’s what communication is like!

Improve Yourself About Talking in Public

A person’s communication with a community is as important as individual communication. The more easily you talk in front of people, the more positive impression you create. Life is too short to go to courses on such topics or to read personal development books. Put this idea into practice right now. You can start by standing up to a group of 5 people. Addressing them to impress people is the key.

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Be Friendly or Competent

Again, according to scientific data, we divide the person we face into two categories, warmly and competent. If you’re a friendly person, the person in front of you thinks you’re credible. If you’re in a good financial situation and you have an educational situation that won’t be ignored, the people in front of you feel compelled to respect you. Be that person, just like you want people to see you. Or be both. It’s all in your hands.

Show your Flaws

The perception of perfection can sometimes be repulsive to most of us. When the person we’re dealing with is perfect in every way, we feel bad or incomplete. Yet being flawed exists in our nature. Even our internal organs are not the same size as the other match, one of our two arms can be longer or shorter than the other one. We don’t have to hide the mistakes to win friends. We’re maturing with our mistakes. Share your mistakes with your surroundings. Let people see your flaws. Help each other. No stronger element sustains friendship up to help and loyalty. Release yourself. You’ll see the result with your eyes.


How do I Get a Large Circle of Friends?

Social media exists today! You’ll be considered to have taken a big step by following people on Instagram. Try to get close to people you’ve studied at the same school, who you’ve seen before, but haven’t met. Don’t be feisty, most importantly. No one wants to house a person who misunderstands every joke in a group of friends. Sometimes it’s more useful to be less sensitive.

How can I create a Friend Environment in my business life?

First, identify the people you want to meet. Plan where and how you can meet them. After you’ve done the introduction, keep talking about yourself. That’s why the digital newspaper method is one-on-one. Are you worth clicking on? How much do you know about the agenda? Of course, don’t be the one talking all the time. It’s very important to be a good listener.
Besides, even if you’re not working yet, you must have a business card that you’ll split up after you meet. Write down your profession and what department you graduated from.

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How to Become an Influencer?

You can be an influencer by creating specific audiences on your social media accounts. If you have a popular, high-interacting account, your number of followers will increase rapidly, and you can manage your small kingdom.


Today we have talked about how to win friends and how you can impress people. In this age of technology, where the concept of friendship often changes size, it may not be easy to keep up with things. And to keep up with certain rules, of course, we shouldn’t give up on our personality. Everyone wants to impress people and be respectable in people’s eyes. Then we can only do it ourselves. Although there are some techniques that scientific data shows, if we don’t integrate it into our personality, we’ll only get a short-term exit, and then we’ll be exposed to a rapid decline. As Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi put it, “Either exist as you are or be as you look.” 

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