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How to Whisper on Twitch (Brief Guide)

When Twitch came to the social media market, this platform had been reviving over time. So far, all its new features have been a great bet to improve the user experience and help streamers have the tools necessary to grow and interact with their audience. Without a doubt, it is in Twitch chat that everything happens. This chat is packed with a command, moderator functions, and the ability to share with others. In the past, viewers of a stream could write anything in a purely public way, but a while ago, Twitch enabled users to speak privately. Private Twitch chat messages are called Whispers, and here is how to send a Twitch whisper easily.

What Is Twitch Whisper?

It’s basically Twitch private stream. A private Twitch stream allows Twitch users to talk to each other privately. When Twitch finally decided to allow chat users to talk to each other privately, it only enabled this option for Android users, and it had to wait several months for iOS users to have the same conditions. Talking privately in the chat is possible by sending whispers or whispers. It is very easy to choose any person participating in a channel chat and start a conversation.

This easy way of connecting with someone can translate into something harmful when Whispers have the sole purpose of harassing, offending, or otherwise violating Twitch community guidelines. However, it must be recognized that with Twitch’s whispers, this platform combines as a social network where it is possible to talk, connect, and meet others with ease. 

By default, Twitch allows anyone to chat privately (via whispers) with any chat participant. Still, you can set this option to decide that only the people you follow send you private messages. To make your chat more private, you can go to settings. Security and privacy and select the option block stranger whispers, which is in the privacy section.

Also, if you get an inappropriate or not-friendly whisper, you can block that person and even decide to report it on Twitch. See our article about how to block someone on Twitch.

send Whisper on Twitch

How to Send a Whisper

Sending a Twitch whisper is very simple; when you are in a chat, just type w + the username of the user with whom you want to start the private conversation. You can send a whisper chat to anyone in that conversation, but if one of the people chosen does not follow you or you follow them, then you can configure the option that does not receive whispers from strangers, and the private chat will not open. Whispering on Twitch does not involve leaving the channel chat to have a conversation; as happens on Facebook, for example, you keep the main screen (the feed), which in this case will be the stream with the chat next to, and in a minor position the private chat you keep with other users.

It is recommended that you file complaints in case you receive abusive or offensive whispers, as Twitch makes a lot of effort to get its users to use the platform peacefully and correctly. Sending whispers is a way to make friends, share opinions about a particular stream, find users with the same tastes, and, of course, it is a fun way to interact. Also, buy Twitch live stream views if you want to improve your stream interaction quickly.

private chat

Setting Up a Twitch chat

Click the gear buttons in the lower-left corner of the chat window. A panel opens with available chat commands and settings. Here, you can set up a Twitch chat and chat with anyone. You can also create a streaming chat to use while you are streaming. This allows people to interact with you while you are doing your thing.

chat settings for everyone

Chat Settings Available to Everyone

  • Choose the color of the nickname (name).
  • Timestamps — the time when the message was sent will be shown to the left of the nickname.
  • Dark mode — changes the chat style.
  • Hide chat — completely hides the chat.
  • Open in a separate window — the chat is moved to a separate window.
chat settings for moderators

Chat Settings Available to the Channel Owner and Moderators

  • Moderator icons — buttons for a temporary ban and temporary ban appear to the left of the nickname.
  • Slow mode — enables the Slow mode.
  • Clear chat — clear the chat from messages.

If you still have questions about Twitch and Whisper, check the Twitch Help page.


In this article, we’ve explained how you could Whisper on Twitch and the available settings. Hopefully, we were able to help. Don’t forget to keep up with the articles we share about Twitch and broaden your knowledge. Learn more about Twitch and social media with InstaFollowers!

Frequently Asked Questions About

Yes, a while ago, Twitch enabled the possibility for users to speak privately.

It may turn into something harmful when whispers have the sole purpose of harassing, offending, or otherwise violating Twitch community guidelines.

You have the option to decide that only the people you follow can send you private messages.

Whispering on Twitch does not involve leaving the channel chat to have a conversation.

Yes, there are many chat settings available. 

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  1. Whitley Hunter
    Whitley Hunter

    Can’t believe they finally put a whisper feature on Twitch. Been wanting one for too long!