How to View Private Instagram Profiles: 2 Working Steps

How to View Private Instagram Profiles: 2 Working Steps

Like any popular social media network, Instagram allows its users to make their profiles private. For some reason, you may look for solutions to how to view private Instagram profiles. There are some legitimate and shady ways to achieve this. Hence, let’s dive into our guide as we try to help you on your quest.

When an Instagram user marks their profile as private, the only legitimate way to see private Instagram is actually asking the user for a follower request. Unfortunately, all other ways actually violate the terms and conditions of Instagram in some way. However, directly asking the followers for a request is probably the easiest way and it will save you from a lot of stress. As you know, there is always a risk of being discovered with going for shady ways.

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How to View a Private Instagram Account

If you wish to view private Instagram profiles, the best way is to simply ask for permission. Without considering the context of the relationship you have with the other user, the worst case scenario is you will either get blocked or ignored. If that is an issue for you, we are sad to say that we can not help you in rightful ways. In that case, you will have to use unethical ways to achieve your goal.

Therefore, we suggest you send a direct message to the profile you wish to access. If they are familiar with you, they will probably accept your follower request. If they are not familiar with you, you may have to bear some hassle. Yet, it is the easiest and most successful way to achieve your goals. For the whole process, you should text politely and take a step back if you are met with repercussions as nobody is bound to give in to your demands.

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However, if you still want to view private Instagram profiles without following, you can create a free and fake account to infiltrate your way in. Do not worry, your little secret is safe with us.

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How to Create a Fake Instagram Account

Let us mention that we do not suggest you take this path. It is both mentally damaging and not legal to do so. However, if your ends justify the means, who are we to judge? Let’s look at our tips to create a realistic looking fake account. You should take these steps as a danger to consider and beware, and not for implementing. Hence, here are the said steps.

  1. Create your fake account as a female. We do not want to discuss the sociological factors behind this, and we do not possess the required information to do so. However, people tend to trust female accounts more often than males. That is a fact.
  2. Choose your profile picture according to realistic standards. Do not put a photo of some Victoria’s Secret model on your profile picture. Jokes aside, your profile picture should not be too perfect looking as people will wonder why an angel like you only has one photo and follows only them. Do not raise suspicions, use casual people for your means.
  3. You can set up your profile as private as well. This will make the other side more curious to see browse through your profile. As a result, they will probably accept your follower request and they will follow you back.
  4. As we mentioned, they may want to follow you too. Prepare for that scenario and use your new fake account for a period of days to engage with people. Upload some posts, comment and like others’ stuff. This will make your profile seem like an organic account.

We feel the need of saying this again, we do not recommend you open a fake account to stalk anyone. It is against Instagram’s terms and conditions and you may get in trouble. This way is completely unethical and if you wish to proceed with it, the consequences are up to you.

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